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It's a Moot complaint now with everything being HDMI or GTFO. But Americans really got the shaft when it came to connector Cables. RF, Composite, S-Video, Component. MEEWHILE in Europe they had SCART. RGB, in the states RGB was reserved for only the highest end monitors and I don't think those used scart cables either.

Scart was not unlike HDMI, It split up audio and video and sent it through a single cable. It was high end it was convenient, was only in Pal Territories, or maybe not, as I have seen XRGB and Framemister Upconverters/scanline generators have RGB in and those are Japanese devices. None the less when it came to crystal clear images on our older TV the best we could do for awhile the 'MURICAN version and well Japan too was S-Video. The Genesis/Mega on ward could all output crystal clear gorgeous S-Video.........and SCART EVERYWHERE ELSE that wasn't NTSC Land.

A quick word before I move on to Component. For those who may not know the differences between PAL and NTSC (and FOR SHAME if you don't nobody is a hardcore gamer and NOT know PAL and NTSC) NTSC Was the Video broadcast standard For North America pre HD Japan and Hong Kong were also NTSC Territories there were a few scattered NTSC areas in South America and parts of Southeast Asia. In Europe the Boradcast standard was PAL, which the Rest of the world used (Cept a few african countries, France and Russia who were like FUCK YOU, WE USE SECAM) PAL operated at a slightly lower frame rate but had higher resolution than NTSC. (636 lines and 25 Frames per second VS 525 lines and 29.9 frames per second for NTSC) Then France had SECAM...because FRANCE! It's well alot like PAL.

As Technologies improved so did what we put behind our TVs. PAL had RGB for sometime
but when it came time for NTSC to get a taste of Pal.....Fuck you you want more wires COMPONENT. SO NOW instead of 3 wires like composite and S-video. YOU GET 5 CABLES a Red, Green and Blue cable....and two more for audio and because the Tech Illuminati hate you, one of the Audio cables is also still red. Yeah the image was great and all and consoles did condense them into a single cable but it was still a Pain in the ass. But surely since it's NTSC land Japan had the same fate.........


D Terminal got all SCART on us introduced in Japan in the late 1990s D-terminal was more or less the high end Japanese version of a SCART cable. BUT there was a catch

a different cable numbered 1-5 was needed SO

D1 480i (525i): 720480 Interlacciato
D2 480p (525p): 720480 Progressivo
D3 1080i (1125i): 19201080 Interlacciato
D4 720p (750p): 1280720 Progressivo
D5 1080p (1125p): 19201080 Progressivo

It IS a bit complicated you needed a differend cable JUST for 480p and 480i. So while our buds in Japan didn't have 5 fucking wires to plug in, they did have to make sure they had the right cable and the right inputs in the back of their TVs.

Then HDMI came along and everyone world wide was happy.........unless they like the purness of an analog signal.

BUT life as a gamer would be alot easier if North America had SCART and D-Terminal then I would have as many wires to trip over...............

but there are still the 12 plugs going into my power strip..........and I STILL NEED MORE.

but that's another rant for another day.

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