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His all time favorite console is the Saturn. His Genres of choice or Shmups and Fighters. He HATES Nintendo.

His Holiness Pope the Rev The 28th. Is a gamer, Philosopher, Psychologist, Guilty Gear XX #Reload GOD and former cult You Tube Personality. Today he rambles on Destructoid. Forgive his spelling and Grammer, he doesn't have time to send everything he writes to his proof readers.

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It's been a rough day for me in Social media land. A bullshit Forum ban, being logged out of Facebook of some spam bullshit. Some points lost on an adult forum I post on. Stupidity pure stupidity. Forum bans over Nintendo hate are not new to me but once I was actually banned for was the possibility that Nintendo had Gunpei Yakoi murdered.
Yeah BANNED Ip blocked even. usually people just think I'm nuts.

Is suggesting Nintendo could resort to Murder really that crazy? If people can claim that Kinect is an NSA Spy tool, then why can't proven Yakuza linked Nintendo, be capable of Murder? Both are pretty absurd the Kinect thing is far less feasible than Gunpei being whacked. 

Now Brian Ashcraft on Kotaku has Written on the subject BUT HOW DO I KNOW HE WASN'T PAID OFF BY NINTENDO? The article even links to a thread I STARTED.

I was not (keyword WAS) the first person to think his Death was fishy and I'm not the last. Now Can I say YES I for sure know can prove and have evidence that Gunpei Yakoi was murdered? DO I actually believe he was murdered? Yes and No. Thing is though if you look at how shady Nintendo has acted in the past. It's entirely feasible. Nintendo is rather litigious. They will sue anyone, they almost sued the Suicide girls More recently they tried to shut down Smash brothers Brawl at Evo and tried to get a piece of the Let's Play pie. They won't get rid of Region locking, They have locked out the R4 from various countries (By the way that is completely justifiable but stick with me here) They sued (unjustifiably) over the Game Genie. Nintendo is way more controlling over it's a Gang is over it's turf than most companies are (Not including some Sega employees abusing You Tube Copyright). Nintendo used to run Love Hotels, where some shady dealings can go on. So can we really rule out they'd whack a long time employee over a massive fuck up like the Virtual Boy? That it would be cheaper to snuff him out rather than Keep him on board and pay him royalties from his creations. Seems odd Nintendo won't fire anyone...they whack em!!!!!!!!

Stupid no? Far fetched? no True? Probably not I don't think Nintendo would have anyone killed, but they've done enough shady shit like I said that is as least feasible and it's far less stupid than say Pokemon being Satanic.

Everyone enjoys a good urban legend and the house that Mario built having a disgraced ex employee snuffed out is a good dark urban legend a nice dark urban legend gives Nintendo that much needed Street cred.

Then again this gives Nintendo Street Cred too:

THUG Life Mario


Hey maybe Gunpei is still alive and he's Chillin in Cuba with 2 pac and Biggie.

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