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Title, says it it all. Blog over. But this is a blog and I should probably explain why I don't think Capcom is burying Mega Man. If you want to see what Mega Man is reduced to without Keiji inafune I think this is all you need to see.

You know what though I actually don't hate X7. I LOTHE X6 also made without input from inafune. I don't think Inafune had much to do with X5 either. Basically the last half of the X Series is kind of a mess Poor design choices and just well weird shit like effeminate robots saying cryptic things about going maverick. coughluminecough. X5 is a game people seem to love. But X6 until the end eeeeeeeeeeeeeh most people hate them. X6 was a mess and to date the only video game to give me a migraine so bad I thought I was having a Stroke. X7 again I don't hate X7 but why do you have to wait until half way through the game before you can play as X? WAY WAY WAY too much backtracking in x7 and AXL is just annoying as fuck. X8 Was a step in the right direction 
but the story was getting into some weird Evangelion shit and the stage designs were in consistent and in some cases lazy. Suffice to say I think had X continued beyond X5 with Inafune Input they'd have panned out differently.

My theory is that without Keiji Inafune Capcom doesn't really know what direction to take Mega Man in. Do they give it to way forward? A western team, risk Classic Mega Man going all X7?  Sometimes to save something we love we gotta lock it up for a bit. Capcom could rush out a half assed Mega Man 11 (which some think is Mega Man unlimited, Unlmited may not be Mega Man 11 but it sure is halfassed) But I think Capcom needs time to make sure their flagship not Street Fighter not Resident Evil is in the right hands.

Then again they don't seem to worry about half assed Resident Evils now do they? Seeing as that series creator hasn't been at Capcom for awhile.

I dunno just something to consider next time we bash Capcom for a Lack of Mega Man games.

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