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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 10:15 AM on 05.27.2013  (server time)
Can we like, get new games OTHER than Shmups on the Dreamcast?

To complain about new games on the Dreamcast seems pretty redundant at this point in time I mean, It's the Dreamcast this is basically some necrolized Zombie console at this point. But something is bothering me about the rash of Indie games coming to the Dreamcast.  They're all Shmups. Now Last Hope is a fine game. Fast Striker is complete Ass, DUX is a glorified flash game. Strurmwind or however you spell it was delayed into oblivion and was finally released a month ago, people still haven't gotten their copies. I will say Ghost Blade looks very impressive though. But still.

The only Indie game on the Dreamcast that I have any real interest in is Gunlord which takes all the awesomness from Turrican and puts it in Neo Geo/Dreamcast form.  It's not that the Dreamcast lacks non shmup indie games, there's Feet of Fury, wind and water,Rush Rally Racing and some game about sheep hearding. 

What I'd like to see are more fighters on the Dreamcast that's why we all have a Dreamcast right? A beat em up age of the Beasts is said to be on it's way. But what about a pure FIGHTER it does not have to be 3d just a good old school Neo Geo style fighting game made for the Dreamcast, Can't be that hard I mean ONE GUY made a competent fighter for XBOX Live Indie games called Battle High San Beuno. (Did I spell that right?)

New Dramcast games are a Niche with in a niche with in a niche So I really am nit picking here complaining about Shmups being released for the system, Hell I'm a huge shmup fan. But with only one of those games actually being any good, what's the point of making a labor of love for a dead system, if that Labor of Love sucks?

I hope different Genres and Genre tributes start showing up on the Dreamcast. With the XBOX One sure to fail and some people possibly even skipping the Next Gen, the Dreamcast can be our haven for pure gaming as we 30 somethings or north of 25ers remember it.

If not, I'm getting an Ouya. actually either way, I'm still getting an Ouya.

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