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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 11:15 AM on 02.12.2014  (server time)
An update on that guy, What fighter I've chosen, and Girl Gamers on You Tube

I finally had enough of that elitist on Facebook and blocked him. He's running his mouth again about how no matter how much single player time you put it it's nothing. I finally labeled him a poser and hit the block button.

So What fighting game have I chosen? Chip...Guilty Gear XX Accent core Plus. I'm slowly building up combo skills with Chip and if anybody ever gets on line I hope to test my skills with Chip out. Chip also seems to have the easiest dust combos. So there we go. I'm going to start clocking in the hours in Guilty Gear XX AC Plus and get as good as I can with Chip.

I've been looking for a female perspective on gaming. My favorite girl gamer Rinrygamegame  is a mother now and new videos have pretty much slowed to a crawl that's just life when you have a mini version of you to take care of everything else goes on the backburner. I won't beat her up for starting a family. I was shocked to learn she was with child but not knowing a thing about her personal life helped make her so appealing. She was the perfect blend of knowledge about retro gaming and being cute as a button while not hitting us over the head with the fact she's a she. That's a problem I have with alot of female gamers on You Tube. They either play Bro games like Halo, or COD or Dead Space to get attention and know little of gaming outside the Bro game bubble or they are just nintendo fan girls who flash RPGs at us and then parade their douchebag boyfriends infront of the camera and that's just off putting. Rinry didn't do any of that she came off as genuine and i don't think there is anyone out there that can fill the void that her being a mother has left. Maybe there is another like her out there and I just don't know about them. I dunno. But I saw a lot of female gamer channels yesterday and they all fell under attention seeker or giggly fangirl parading boyfriend like a hunk of meat, or just flat out posers that use video games to get their pretty face on the internet. A good girl is hard to find, a good female gamer on You Tube? There's only one that I've found.

To be clear, being a poser isn't JUST A girl thing. Pewdiepie.... if he isn't the king of posers...wiat...pewdiepie is a dude right? Not some uber butch lesbian. I can't tell.

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