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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 1:59 PM on 05.23.2013  (server time)
5 Things I'm looking forward to

I'm about to pack up for the day but my first blog here was a bit cynical. So I figured before I packed up fired up my blu ray player and started watching Black Lagoon I'd talk about what I'm looking forward to in gaming right now.

1. Nintendo's Comeback

Microsoft is out of the Console game kids, at least the hardcore console game. Nintendo may be skipping E3 in favor of Nintendo direct and yes Bayonetta 2 won't sell WII Us alone but the 3dS is BRINGING IT Project X Zone and Shin Megami Tensei 4 will bring in that Hardcore weeaboo otaku can't speak Japanese for shit audience a console needs to be Awesome. Even with Nintendo's recent You Tube dick move I'm going to forgive them.
Nintendo needs to bring it and not just on the 3DS and I think they know it hopefully the WII U will see a New IP even so Smash Bros will be awesome and maybe if we're good kids we'll finally get a New F Zero. I'm Rooting for you Wii U and I will get one in the future.

2. PS4

Sony's Hey we're sorry about that Other OS thing here's our not really open source but more open anyone can make games for it box to make up for it. It seems everything Microsoft did WRONG with the XBOX One Sony is doing right with the PS4. Nobody can top Sony in first party awesomness and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the PS4 is going to bring us. Not everyone is excited about social media but as somebody who MUST post achivements on Facebook when I get them. That Share button is going to wear out baby!

3. Ketsui on PS3, Shooting Love 10th Anniversary ~XIIZeal and DeltaZeal, DodonPachi Saidaijou and Eschatos/Gigaforce on XBOX 360

I kinda love shmups. I'm not very good at them, Just watch my You Tube Show Shmup the F--k Up and see for yourself. Ketsui is my favorite Cave Shmup and until now Shmup MAME is the only way to play it unless you had a J360. NOT ANY MORE 5pb is bringing it to PS3 and it is one of the reasons I'm buying a PS3 this summer.  Ketsui is Caves most balenced Shmup not too hard, not too easy, The Music is killer and as a Gateway drug to Caves Crazy world of Bullet hell it's an overall AMAZING game and I'm gald the PS3 is FINALLY getting some shmup love. 

XII Stag for PS2 is a great old school like 80s OLD SCHOOL Shmup for the PS2 and Trizeal it's sequel on the Dreamcast is even better so upon hearing that Shooting Love 10th Anniversary ~XIIZeal and DeltaZeal was going region free on XBOX 360 I knew I wasn't QUITE DONE with XBOX yet.  Dodonpachi SDJ this series has turned into some weird IdolM@ster shmup with Robot Lolis but it's still pretty solid I miss the Metal Slug in Shmup form Donpachi and DoDonpachi were but hey CAVE SHMUP! Lastly we have a duo of 2 indie 360 games one a few years old the other pretty recent and as a two pack. Don't know much about them but More shmups is always good.

4. Killer is Dead

More Suda 51 is a good thing. I love his cracked out work and Killer is Dead seems to be an Amalgam of everything he did from Killer 7 to No More Heroes to Lollipop Chainsaw.

Can't wait!

5. Guilty Gear Xrd, BlazBlue Anime, Blazblue Chronophantasma

Ever since I got Guilty Gear X for Chrismas in 2000 I have been a fan. The Music, the Animation the Hirez AHHHHHH! I even freakin wore out my XBOX Copy of #reload. I'm not huge on the changes in Accent core but whatever it's Guilty Gear. Guilty Gear Xrd's annoucement MADE MY WEEK...before XBOX One Ruined it. I don't care what system it's on I'll get it...Unless it's XBOX One....but ANY OTHER SYSTEM I AM SO GETTING if this is on it provided it's not going to be on PS3/360.

I feel the same about Blazblue I'm a huge fan it's alot more playable than I remember it being after picking it up this week after forever. Chronophantasma has alot going for it and it being PS3 Exclusive isn't a huge deal I have Arcade sticks I can use. BUT the Big BlazBlue new was the Anime I am SO GLAD ASW finally has it's work adapted into an ANime and If it makes it here, Day one buy.

Until then I suggest Needless, which right now is pretty damned close to a BlazBlue/Guilty Gear Anime.

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