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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 8:51 AM on 03.19.2014  (server time)
5 more obscure and awesome NES games but these MAY bankrupt you

Panic Restaurant

This game should not be $300 but like alot of late NES games it for some reason is. Emulate  it on your Dreamcast kids (NESter is a great emulator) The game is your typical platformer but it's an awesome one full of Taito goodness. Smacking evil food with a frying pan has never been more fun. But thanks to asshole scalpers you're gonna have to pay for it if you want the cart. Emulate this one on a console that can do emulators.


Another late NES Era Taito game this one is only about $50-$60 it's rare but not super rare it also pushes the limits of the NES and well the title is straight forward you run you kick repeat. This one I play on my Dreamcast as well but I'll pick the cart up when I can. Look at the gorgeous cover art too. 

S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team

In Japan it's known as final mission. In the west it has this unfortunate name.The game it self is a traditional shmup not unlike Capcom's Heavy Arms or Forgotton worlds.
It has that Natsume look and feel that I love and if I remember it's hard. It's a shame it has the name it does as the game itself has nothing to do with Poo Sex. 

Deja Vu

From the same people behind Shadowgate This is an old school PC Style point n click and as close to classic Film Noir as you can get on the NES. I haven't played this one in years but it's one of those games that leaves an impression on you. Fantasy horror isn't my thing so Shadowgate and the Uninvited never really appealed to me but this one did.
It's not an expensive game and there was a Gameboy Color port that added a sequel which also isn't that rare or expensive. Either is worth your time if you like old school Point N Click. 


The Arcade game is one of my all time favorites. Like Deja Vu This one isn't super expensive but it is a Tengen game so it is rather rare. The Arcade and later the Gameboy Color port seemlessly transitioned between levels in a class (the group of levels you go though) However the NES game is very different everything is a straight begining to end path from Whirlpool to Whirlpool along the way if you can spell TOOBIN you get an extra life. There are no continues either unlike the GBC and Arcade versions. I used to spend hours with this game and never beat it. It's an all time classic though that more people need to check out. the Gameboy Color port is not even close to Arcade perfect but it is a more faithful version if you want that. The Arcade version is also on a few compliations for the PS1, PS2,XBOX,Gamecube,360 and PS4.

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