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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 9:53 AM on 03.18.2014  (server time)
5 Awesome Obsecure NES games that won't bankrupt you

Metal Storm

Price $40-60 Loose 

At $40-60 loose maybe more this is probably the most expensive game on my list. But it's awesome. You're a 1980s anime mech that can reverse gravity and blow shit up. It's a unique, with great music and it's HARD. Made by Irem and released in 1990 it made the cover of Nintendo Power but faded into obscurity and if the medium price range is anything to go by. Hardcore gamers seem to have taken notice of it. 

Pinball Quest

Price $1-7

This is a weird one. It's Pinball and an RPG with some of that NES Music we love so much. Jaleco made some strange games and well this may be their strangest. You have 3 modes RPG, Arcade and a 3rd one that escapes me. I don't remmeber this game well I just remember I had to have it and never got to.

Shadow of the Ninja 

Price $13-15

Did Natsume ever make a bad game? There are shit tons of You Tube playthroughs of this game but it's not a game people really talk about anymore. It's odd it never got a Sequel just a spinoff on the gameboy released in the west as Ninja Gaiden Shadow. It's everything you want in an NES game, Great music, balenced difficulty and you can choose between two characters plus can that cover art be anymore 80s?

Vice: Project Doom 

Price $9-10

Like Metal Storm this was a Nintendo Power Cover but fadded into obscurity. Like Konami's Mad City AKA Bayou Bill. It's a Multi Genre game you have side scrolling NES hard stages, Driving Stages and Cabal like stages. All pieced together with a great early Cyber Punk Storyline. It's cheap and well worth checking out


Price $5-16

Another oddball Jaleco game. But a fun one this is just good old NES Sidescrolling where you are a dude that punches everything, gets power ups, Punches more things and it get harder and harder along the way. Demand for this may go up as Game Grumps recently featured this game. It's a fun one and worth your time.

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