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PopetheRevXXVIII avatar 9:05 PM on 08.24.2013  (server time)
3 Licensed games that don't exist but I wish did

Quick blog just to rattle something off in my head.

This is Mega Drive Classic Rolling Thunder 2

Take Rolling Thunder 2 and add this guy

TELL ME TELL ME Rolling Thunder with Archer wouldn't be the greatest thing in the history of ever? TELL ME, and of course we have to name the game... DAAAAAAAAAAAANGEEEEEEEEER ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE

2. Boondock Saints

Yes the McManus Brothers are ripe for a game, make Hitman Co-op, get the cast of the movies to do voices (if they can pry Norman Reedus away Walking dead) Just imigine this scene in Gaming form

Have things from the first two movies as Flashbacks, add in new stuff taking place after the second movie. Effectively make the game the 3rd movie. It's like Kane and Lynch...without the suck.

and the Witty drunk Irish McManus banter.


Just turn the first movie into a Game. It's simple. It's Slender, In space, with a Xenomorph. and chestbusters are the game over screen. Pretty simple Pretty awesome does Ridley Scott's Original movie justice.

They can't possibly fuck that up the way they fucked up, Alien VS Predator (Movie) Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Colonial Marines, That Konami Arcade game (XENOMORPHS ARE NOT PINK!!!!)  Yeah so basically everything in the Alien Franchise AFTER Aliens.

But come on Slender in space, pretty hard to fuck that up. RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT?


I guess so

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