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8:44 AM on 12.23.2008

PS3 Christmas list 4 U!

So if you have a ps3 here are the games that should've been on your list:

1. Midnight Club LA (if you wanted a racer)
2. COD5 (if you wanted a shooter)
3. LBP (if you're creative and love playing with friends)
4.Dead Space (if you like horror)
5. Prince of Persia (if you like platformers)
6. Saints Row 2 (if you like sandboxes and having fun even if it is ludicrously stupid but funny)
7. Sonic unleashed (if your a fan of the series)
8. NFS Undercover(if you like crappy racers)(Don't buy it!)
9. Alone in the dark (if you like horrors that suck and are not scary) (DON'T GET IT!)

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8:04 AM on 12.23.2008

Skate - PS3 Review (Pop-it)

Tony Hawk dominated the skateboarding genre for years with Pro Skater. A few games of the same genre where made but failed... Then came Proving Ground, practically the same as THUG (Tony Hawks underground) except with a bit more polish. Also came skate! a new fresh skateboarding experience with lots of hype! But does it live up to it?

Skate's story is amazingly simple, at the real life cut scene at the begging you watch from your cameraman's camera as your character jumps of a rail and into the path of a bus! "Oh my god!" You here your cameraman say as the screen blacks out. Then another cut scene featuring you getting plastic surgery! EEK! Then it's back onto the streets. Basically you have to get famous again, entering competitions, doing photo shoots and filming yourself are about as much as you get in terms of missions, there's no real story here so if you enjoyed that part of THUG and Proving Ground, this might not be the game for you... Also there are only a few times when you'll see your skater's face during a cut scene, well, the fact is the only cut scenes you'll see are skaters' sponsor vids and ones of shop keepers talking to you...

Unlike Tony Hawks you can't get off your board which is a real shame considering one "SPOT" is a giant drop which you have to ollie onto from the side instead of dropping in off the top. Spots are well, spots, they usually consist of a rail or ramp or ledge or something to trick on or off, they're scattered around San Vanelona with a set score which you must conquer, you can then upload a video of you doing it (or doing anything for that matter) or upload your score to the internet. The Video editor is great allowing you to film yourself pulling off a trick or grinding a ledge or whatever (hitting grannies is a popular one on the website) then edit speed, camera angle and effects, unfortunately there's no option to set up a tri-pod, however the sequel Skate 2 promises this capability. There are many spots where your not allowed to go, but that won't stop you since you can usually rack up more points there, some missions consist of you being in one, but be warned catch a security guards attention and he'll chase you around until he catches you or you leave, the consequences can be brutal, 50 may not seem like much when you finish the game as a millionaire but it can be deadly if you've just started. Online play is here but with huge lag and nobody good it's not used much.

Skate is different to any other skateboarding game ever mainly because of the gameplay: instead of the Tony Hawk controls which used the face buttons, Skate takes a gamble and introduces the flick it system and guess what, it works! hold down the right analogue stick then flick it up to do an ollie! flick it up in different directions to straight up to pull off different tricks, say you held it down then curved it round the bottom, you'd do a shuv-it! The trick list is huge, grab tricks are one by holding down the R2 or L2 buttons to grab right or left sides of your board and in mid air you can move the right analogue stick in any direction to 'tweak' the trick which basically means moving it around, you push the stick forward to pull off a melon, or just invent something completely new and hope you get points for it. there are loads of mega ramps to help out with this, you also get a multiplier similar to the one in guitar hero except it goes down if you stop tricking out and goes up for every GREAT trick you do. The face buttons are now for pushing and lifting the board from your feet to do christ airs. the d-pad is used for hand movements, press up for your character to cheer say. Also instead of tapping triangle to grind you just ollie onto them, and tweak your board in mid air so if i did an ollie then pushed the rigt analogue stick to the right it would move the board into a side shape so when i hit the rail the wheels would be at either side of it, not so complicated when you see it. also nollies are the same as ollies except you push ther right stick up then flick it down to do a nollie and nollie tricks.

Skate's presentation is good, but not great, the character models and graphics are good but the frame rate struggles a little when you get hit by a speeding car say. Other than that it's quite nice even if it never rains and is always a nice sunny day! the customisable clothes and person options are great too!

Overall Skate can be fun but if you love story and buttery smooth frame rate, this may not be for you, but then again, i love stories in games like Tony Hawks but the gameplay is so good in Skate I now want to take a dump on THUG! In other words skate is great: Unique and fun, that's what you need in a game!

Story: 7
Design: 8
Gameplay: 10
Presentation: 8
Overall: 8

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1:33 PM on 12.02.2008

Video Games: Not that fun anymore

I was bored so I decided to post this.
The other day I was playing some videogames and i thought, wow, this is extremely un-fun! I thought that was the point of games, to be fun! not to make you scream and shout in rage, then, continue to play until you complete that level! Games aren't as fun as they used to be. They may be great in terms of graphics, sound, frame rate and stuff like that but it drifts away from the purposes of games! TO HAVE FUN! I prefer popping a kickflip using the analogue stick on skate or stealing a hovercraft on Jak2 to getting repeatedly punished for cutting corners on Baja: Edge Of Control (didn't buy it) or being teabagged by an angry douche on headset. We all know how stressful games can be so what i say is instead of getting worked up over a level you cant do on GTA or LBP, take out the disk and slip in an older game, Pain is tons of fun if you've got a ps3 and now with trophies and new maps! It's worth the money. Also try a ps2 game once in a while (if you have a ps2) I've been replaying Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak2 and Jak3 recently and they don't work me up. So yeah.
If you have anything to say on that feel free to comment but plz no spam.   read

1:31 PM on 12.01.2008

Why Saints Row 2 is worse than GTA4

BEAT DOWN! I shout in my "manly" voice as I yet again, pummel a man to a puddle with a sledgehammer... This is my highlight of Saints Row 2, smacking people over the head with a sledgehammer. AND NO I'M NOT CRAZY! But nothing else compares to gta4. The story, cars, graphics and guns suck compared to gta's. Mummy! Look at that man! what man dave? all i see is a blur! yeah, same ere. The combat's varied I guess.
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10:49 AM on 11.30.2008

Far Cry 2 Multiplayer Review (By Pop-it)

Have you ever bought a video game just for the multiplayer? I haven't, but if I did buy this game for the multiplayer I wouldn't be disappointed!
Let's get one thing straight this is not like COD4, yes the menus and classes may be similar but not much else, the control scheme is the same too, but that's where it ends. If you play COD4 you may like this, but you probably won't be able to get used to enemies taking 600 million bullets to the chest before dying.

Your in a made up African state in which two factions: The UFLL and the APR are battling it out for control. You are thrown into one of them and battle others in a variety of different game modes from TDMs to Capture the Diamond (Capture the flag basically). If you play well enough you'll be given a diamond promotion in which you'll be able to upgrade a class to get a better gun. It works well until you punch the floor in fury as you get demoted. At the start of every battle you'll hear your leader inform you on the battle ahead and give you tips. The maps are often huge with many vantage points, hiding places and open land to go in head-on, another difference t COD4 are the weapons: You won't find any attachable scopes, silencers, n00b-tubes or dot sites, in fact, you won't find the last one at all! Far Cry 2 is all about cheap, gruesome war. Guns jam, explode and run out of ammo annoyingly quickly. So you'll have to find ammo piles frequently, however a few carefully placed bullets and the pile will explode sending bullets everywhere. If your being shot at by a bunch of dumb none-team players (everyone) you better find cover, and even if you do you'll have to hold down the L2 button to yank out the bullets/darts/nails and metal shards. If you don't your health'll stay low or you'll fall to the ground wounded. Every so often you'll fall wounded and other players have the option to heal you before you're 20 seconds run out, or you'll get shot or just give up by pressing triangle. The main feature here is the map editor. allowing you to build custom maps in under a few hours, with rivers, buildings and mountains, it should keep you occupied for a long time. However the absence of any tutorials: is seriously messed up.

Far Cry 2's gameplay is solid and works perfectly with the controls, using R1 to fire and L1 for iron sight, R2 for grenades, L3 for sprinting, circle to crouch and so on, what's also interesting and sometimes annoying, is that instead of tapping R3 to knife which is now used for swapping grenades, you tap up on the D-pad to equip it, instead of slash. The D-pad is used to select other weapons too. The sprinting is cool since you can see the gun at the bottom of the screen COD style and with pistols and machetes, you see your hands flying up into the air as they move back and forth, then there's also a fun run and duck to slide move, which you use if you want to look like John Woo in front of your mercenary buddies. The game encourages team play with the wounded system but it isn't essential. you'll be running around on your own, watching your buddies get pwned by angry kids on headset screaming "you suck!" for most of the time.
Another thing is the vehicles, tap triangle to enter a vehicle and if it's a 2/3/4 seater your mates can get in too and shoot out the window GTA style, even though this hardly ever happens Far Cry 2 kept the FPS view through the whole game giving you complete camera control even in the drivers seat. Hey and guess what! Sometimes turrets are attached! =D

The visuals in Far Cry 2 are one of its greatest draw backs and greatest achievements, when I say draw backs, I'm talking about texture popping, BIG TIME! You'll be pleased to know though that when it is there, the scenery is amazingly detailed and even if it is just many shades of green and brown. You'll love the character models that your friends are around you since they all have cool clothes, hats and bandannas. The Texture popping's annoying but overall, the graphics are solid. Lag never comes into play much during the game.

If your looking for a game with great multiplayer capability, look no further, if your willing to overlook the texture popping and Long loading screens, you'll find it easy to love this game from the map builder to the game itself. It could do with a bit more polish but overall; it's a pretty good game
Stands King of its Genre but could be better.

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