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Polite Gentleman's blog

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Polite Gentleman avatar 8:02 PM on 09.19.2011  (server time)
Hello, there

Well, after being featured on last week' Comments of the Week ( ), I guess I should make a small intro about myself:

Taken from my forum-intro-post:

I'm a 24 year old gamer who lives in Porto Alegre - Brazil. I have been a gamer for a long time, ever since my dad gave me a Sega Mega Drive II for Christmas in 1993 (favorite game: Ghouls N Ghosts).

After that I went on PC Gaming for a while, I didn't own any other video game console and spent most of my adolescence playing (and sucking at) Diablo II, Quake 3 Arena and Interstate '76.

Right now I'm back on consoles: I currently own a PS3 (used to have a 360, but I gave up on it after it died twice). I find it hard to follow a few games, as there are a lot of sequels around and I have never played any of the previous ones (imagine playing MGS4 without ever playing any other MGS... yeah, THAT CONFUSING).

I am even thinking of writing a little bit more about this issue: should sequels bring some info about the previous installments so that newcomers can "get" what's going on?

The games I play the most now are: KZ3, Uncharted 2 and Fifa 11 (LOL sports, right?)

I have been reading destructoid for quite a while, I even had another account but an embarrassing combination of having a silly username, forgetting my password, having old e-mail suspended and not realizing I could just ask for a name change, led me to create this new account.

So, hello everyone. How are you guys doing?

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