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PointingDevice avatar 9:41 AM on 02.18.2008  (server time)
Oh dip. It's almost arting time again!

After failing once again to produce regular blogs here, where I have decided to start blogging, I have deigned to speak yet again. I might even mention video games this time. Whoa!

Yesterday I finally got the wretched Wordpress site overhaul done for that contract client. You know, the one I keep complaining about in the IRC? Yeah. It's taken far far longer than I wanted, but all that remains is bringing it up to live status. This is good news due to the fact that Wordpress has taken up pretty much every moment of my free time, as well as the time I spend bullshitting at work. I could have been bullshitting so much more had this not been the case.

So I'm pleased to see I can almost finally put the shit to bed. It just goes to show it would be difficult and irresponsible for me to take on contracts in the future, until I am fixed via radiation vibes and pills and thus becoming the superhuman being I was intended to be in the original script. Then, all bets are off.

What this means is I'll probably be doing art again soon! I'm excited about that, because I like doing art. It's sort of an artist thing, ya know? Anyway, these arts will likely be posted here in more blogs that aren't about video games. That's how I roll.

Speaking of video games, that's another thing this particular site project kept me from doing. I'm sure by now I would hop into TF2 and get my ass handed right to me. I used to rule at TF2. I strictly remember ruling. I would likely not rule these days. I just don't know about teams and their fortresses anymore and it's sad.

As a gamer, who has just come back to gaming in some capacity after a long delay, I feel it's important that I take the time to actually play games. But, when I have epic amounts of Wordpress horseshit to wade through for months, that prevents me from playing games while simultaneously making me look like an idiot. Not fun. Therefore, empirical science dictates that it would be foolish for me to ever do contract jobs again. I mean, fuck 'em, right?

So, upcoming stuff from me: Artz and TF2. I need to dig up the Dtoid server info here soon and hop on so at least people I generally like can hand me my ass. But watch out, fuckers. I will eventually get my groove back and possibly rule yet again.

Shortly after this, I might actually branch out and play some different game, which i will talk about in further detail, but really, are there any complaints with TF2? I have none. It is multiplayer greatness, and I am a but a simple man with simple cares. Pay no attention to me.

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