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PointingDevice's blog

3:02 PM on 03.10.2008

Hitler was NOT a good man, Itemforty!

- Hitler shortly before never calling this girl back ever again. It's well known fact that Hitler and his legion of facehuggers were a team of formidable political figures. Enough so to even sway the majority vote of German...   read

9:41 AM on 02.18.2008

Oh dip. It's almost arting time again!

After failing once again to produce regular blogs here, where I have decided to start blogging, I have deigned to speak yet again. I might even mention video games this time. Whoa! Yesterday I finally got the wretched Wordpr...   read

1:29 PM on 02.02.2008

New job... No art :(

Hello again! I have failed at my blogging duties yet again, enough so that the malevolent Dtoid robots post insulting comments on my pages about how big a failure I am and how small my dick is. It's like they've known me fore...   read

9:06 PM on 01.27.2008


Hello again! It's the second day in a row that I've posted! What a deal! Today was all Artrage work. I'm not at all used to the more traditional painting programs, nor do I have any kind of solid background in such a medium,...   read

2:35 AM on 01.27.2008


My dearest Destructoid, It's been far too long, but I return with a renewed sense of vigor and candor. Trust me when I say I've missed you all, even those of you who don't know a thing about me. I missed you the most. For re...   read

1:46 AM on 01.01.2008

A new year

Let's all say goodbye to last year. Ok, done? Good. Now count out all the reasons last year sucked ass, and try your best to not do those again this year. Hooray!   read

8:34 PM on 11.27.2007

Goddammit... It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

First off, I'd like to say I just did terrible tonight on TF2. Gonna be a bad night. Anyway, on with the topic. Yes, Easter is over now, and that means all holidays are skipped and we go right to Christmas here in the retail...   read

6:03 PM on 11.21.2007

Determination at it's finest

I don't have any of this stuff on me or anything, but I found this image and felt I needed to share it with a crowd. It looks to me like this kid is going to make it. He's going to achieve his goals and master the world itself. Unbelievable. Butter.   read

7:54 PM on 11.05.2007

Post-Halloween Halloween post

I live in the heavily-populated north area of Austin Texas. Austin, as a whole, has only a few places where one could feasibly get shot or stabbed, and this is not one of them. I currently reside in a very family-oriented apa...   read

7:32 PM on 10.29.2007

Finding the rhythm... Of blogging.

I'm still getting the hang of blogging again. I will often think I have something cool to blog about, but then not have time to blog it. By the time I do have the opportunity to write it up, I forgot what it was I wanted to w...   read

5:11 PM on 10.27.2007

PointingDevice: First blood!

Hello, Destructoid, I've made my first blog. Not my first ever, not by a long shot, but all my previous blogs died and are buried in the backyard of Itemforty's house. For my first blog I was going to write about video games...   read

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