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Poe avatar 6:15 PM on 08.20.2010  (server time)
Today is a Day to Write a Blog I Have Decided

The toothpick came out clean and the cows came back home so it is time for me to write a blog.

I downloaded the angsty hate-pustule known as Castlevania the Third back in October of last year, and I still can't beat it. I managed to beat the original Castlevania just fine and the only thing that prevented me from beating Castlevania II was not knowing the game's arcane and ridiculous secrets that could only be found in a walkthrough. Castlevania the Third reaches near Zelda II-ian levels of difficulty for me, and if I respect myself I think I will stop trying to beat it like I did with Zelda II so many years ago. Not only are the bosses vicious meany poopheads, the electricity has gone out four separate times while I was playing which meant I had to start over from the beginning. OMG WHY IS LIFE SO HARD.

Back in that Steam sale that happened whenever it happened, I bought Shatter which is a brilliant game that I played and then beat and then played again because it was that brilliant. Games that are centered around beating a high score don't hold much appeal for me but, like the Bit Trip games, Shatter is very nice to look at and the music makes the good chemicals run through my brain. Speaking of Bit Trip, I wonder if anyone has compared the two of these games at all because it seems to me Bit Trip Beat did much the same thing with Pong that Shatter did with Arkanoid. I had a dream last night where I ate in the same restaurant as Alex Neuse or my old French teacher. They kind of look similar so I couldn't quite tell.

I heard from the Wikipedia that the UK had its own version of Law and Order so I definitely didn't torrent it and watch some. It's just like Law and Order Regular Type except with 100% moar british accents and bit more overcast. There is also one other major difference:

Court people wear these exotic headdresses that make them look olde tyme professional.

I visited my nice and good brother last week or sometime and we went out to a Japanese-Korean food distribution depot. I had something that came in a box and had raw fish and barbequed eel in it, and it was hella tasty. I like how my adult tongue can appreciate all sorts of different things compared to my childhood tongue which only ever wanted potato chips and kool-aid. While I was at my brother's house I took the opportunity to play Super Mario's in da Galaxy Part II which is definitely amazing and that one galaxy that was actually Whomp's Fortress got nostalgia all up my nose and in my eyes. I don't care for Super Mario 64 that much, but back in those old times when I was practically still a fetus I played the entrails out of that game and being able to revisit a place I saw a million times as a kid was really nice. They even kept the pink bob-ombs. And they made the woobly pink bob-omb sound that pink bob-ombs make.

I've never really understood yorkshire pudding. Yorkshire pudding isn't really pudding, it's the weird British definition of pudding which can mean all kinds of things. It's really just bread that is really fussy and easy to screw up. It has a fairly bland taste that is supposed to be mitigated by lots of gravy. I've had yorkshire pudding twice in my whole life and it was quite tasty but I don't know what the whole fuss is about. Both times I had it, the pudding was also served alongside regular bread, as if there is some secret consensus amongst a certain group of people that y-shire pudding is in some other astral plane beyond the food group that includes bread and is actually its own special food group to rule all other food groups.

Okay blogtime is over I had fun I hope you did too byeeee

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