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Poe avatar 2:18 AM on 10.09.2010  (server time)
iPhone Game Kerplinkus Equals Funtimes

Hello, organisms. Having recently found this neat iPhone-focused gaming blog and realizing it had been 36357324 years since I had bothered to check the iTunes App Store for potential funtimes, I did a bit of browsing and bought snazzy games Pix'n Love Rush and Bit Trip Beat: iPhone Jamboree.

"Unfortunately," Poe said with a sharp bite of palpable frustration, "I realized after purchasing these games that my 1st gen iPod Touch was catastrophically obsolete and could not run them." I had been labouring under the wrong and sillypants assumption that the App Store was a fair and unprejudiced place where iPod Touches and iPhones of all generations and operating systems could play together in harmony, but of course technology isn't fond of working that way.

Luckily, that pair of games cost 2 dollars in total, so I was able to do some more scouring to find a nice little piece of fun that my pathetic and emotionally stunted iPod could actually play. Behold, the fruits of my quest:

Kerplinkus caught my eye immediately because it was placed in a section called "Retro Games" which contains ports of old games and new games that look like old games, and 2) it is quite pretty. Contrary to what the game's title might suggest, Kerplinkus has nothing to do with Kerplunk or Plinko. It is actually one of those rascally games that at first seems to be beating that dead horse known as the falling-block puzzle genre but is secretly a basket full of good times.

You destroy those pretty blocks by moving a block directly underneath a falling same-coloured block and letting them collide. You can make great big explody chains by setting up a bunch of same-colour blocks side by side as long as one of the blocks in the chain is in the path of its falling brethren. On my first round I wasn't terribly enthralled, but the game eventually wrapped its pixelly, rainbow-hued tendrils around me and wouldn't let go.

I'm not aware of how popular this game is, but its App Store page has no reviews and searching for "Kerplinkus" on Destructoid turned up nothing. Also, I managed to reach the game's top 100 leaderboard on my third try (#34), so either the game isn't being played by a lot of people or iPhone gamers are rubbish. It is 2 dollars and has shapes and colours, so there is no reason why this game should end up drooping in obscurity.

Here is an introductory movie:

...and here is a link to the store page for cool dudes only:

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