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7:49 PM on 08.02.2010

Podsumaki records in about 10 minutes!

That's right! KD, Rab, and de BLOO will be talking about shit again. We will probably talk about Street Fighter X Tekken, power rangers and Super Street Fighter IV once more. `But if our listeners want us to discuss other facets of the genre then please drop a comment, we will answer one and all.

I leave you with this.

[embed]180493:31939[/embed]   read

11:54 AM on 07.26.2010

Podsumaki Episode 09: Mortal Kombat Special

Today is a very special episode with some very special guests. We've got three moderators and tournament players from three Mortal Kombat websites. They came on to discuss the classic games, the potential behind the Mortal Kombat reboot, and the recently growing Mortal Kombat tournament scene.

Your friendly neighborhood Wry Guy is running short on time, so you won't be getting any extensive notes. Be warned though. This episode is very, very long and is largely controlled by our guests. Don't worry, we're still there to talk bullshit. Unfortunately we were TOO WEAK against the incredible knowledge these guys throw at us.

Episode Highlights
- Bulkmailer and Char Aznable get their listener questions answered by the MK pros
- Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, the tournament worthy Mortal Kombat we never knew about
- The growing Mortal Kombat tournament scene
- Analysis and fears of why the Mortal Kombat reboot may not be good

Listener Links
Ultimate MK on ustream
The Custom Mortal Kombat Stick Thread
The Arcade in a Box Store

Stupid Video's the Crew Showed Eachother!

[embed]179884:31780[/embed]   read

6:56 PM on 07.19.2010

"Episode 9: MORTAL KOMBAT" records TONIGHT. Axe us some questions.

After a 4 year hiatus (give or take), Podsumaki is finally recording the Mortal Kombat Episode. We've got some really great guests lined up for the show. Topics are likely to include discussion about MK9 but mostly will center around the current uprising of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

Any questions?   read

3:44 PM on 06.28.2010

Podsumaki Episode 08: Mortal Freestyle

Welcome back to D-Toid's unofficial fighting game podcast, folks. The new prizes are now on display. We're also gonna take a new format and release the recording and release post at once. This episode recorded last week has no real subject; this is honestly kind of a filler episode with no notes. It did give us an idea of what to segway into for the new episode, mentioned below.


Tonight we'll be recording a Mortal Kombat episode. Anybody familiar with the storyline, competitive play, or just a general knowledge of the series on a whole would be welcome to leave a comment or PM requesting to be on the show tonight. Of course any Mortal Kombat or non-Mortal Kombat themed questions and contributions are requested as well. As for the music guessing contest:

KD Alpha's Obscure Music Contest - JUNE 2010 - Episode 08
Every episode of Podsumaki (when the hosts aren't broke) there are various bits of fighting game music that play during breaks. Every listener, every episode has a chance to guess two of the songs in the episode. Points are tallied and kept track of every month in the blog sidebar. Prizes are also pictured in the sidebar. At the end of the month the listener with the most points wins and gets their choice of a prize, then the runner up is allowed to take their pick of anything left.

The first listener to guess a song in the comments gets the point.

Introduction: No winners
Break 1: No winners
Break 2: No winners
Outro: No winners


5:46 PM on 06.17.2010

Podsumaki Episode 07: The Capcom and SNK Versus Series

This week we've got Nilcam and Lionxie from to discuss the multitude of Capcom and SNK crossover fighting games. Have fun listening. We had fun recording it.


00:00:00: Listener's Links: Pre-Show Electronic Expo Hype
00:01:50: Pre-Show Haiku
00:02:20: What the crew's been up to?
00:11:20: Derogatory Haikus
Listener's Links: Senisan's picture for Bloo
Listener's Links: Senisan's picture for Wry

00:13:30: FalconReaper's Listener Questions
00:17:00: Solgrim's Listener Questions
00:18:45: Nova Prime's Listener Questions
00:21:20: Usedtabe's Listener Questions

Main Discussion
00:25:30: Capcom vs SNK 1
00:34:00: SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millenium
00:37:30: SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash
00:44:50: Capcom vs SNK 2

Side Discussion
01:02:00: Lionxie advertises the CvS2 side tournament at EVO
01:04:00: The crew discusses the Melty Blood EVO scandal.

Main Discussion
01:10:10: SNK vs Capcom: Chaos
Listener's Links: Midnight Bliss Video Reel
Listener's Links: Midnight Bliss Pictures
Listener's Links: SNK vs Chaos: Pre-Battle Dialog
01:17:00: SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighter Clash DS

01:22:50: RAB's Listener Questions
01:24:00: Funktastic's Listener Questions
01:31:00: Nova Prime's Listener Questions


KD Alpha's Obscure Music Contest - JUNE 2010 - Episode 07
Every episode of Podsumaki (when the hosts aren't broke) there are various bits of fighting game music that play during breaks. Every listener, every episode has a chance to guess two of the songs in the episode. Points are tallied and kept track of every month in the blog sidebar. Prizes are also pictured in the sidebar. At the end of the month the listener with the most points wins and gets their choice of a prize, then the runner up is allowed to take their pick of anything left.

The first listener to guess a song in the comments gets the point.

Introduction: Point to MatCD [Red Earth/Wizard Arcade Intro]
Break 1: No winners
Break 2: Point to Senisan [Rockman The Power Battle - Stage 5]
Break 3: No winners
Outro: Point to Nilcam [King of Fighters 2006 - Ending Theme/Staff Roll]   read

3:47 PM on 06.14.2010

Podsumaki 07 Re-Records Tonight

Some of you folks might be wondering where the latest episode of Podsumaki is. Well, KD went missing for a while and we decided to just re-record the episode. Just a quick news brief that the latest episode should be up by Thursday morning. The subject is gonna be the SNK and Capcom versus fighters. All yous mooks are free to contribute some new haikus and questions for the night.   read

12:23 AM on 06.07.2010

Podsumaki Records Tomorrow Night

As always the Podsumaki crew will be gathering Monday at 06:00PM Pacific Time. Once again we'll pretend that your listener questions and contributions matter[de BLOO EDIT: Wry Guy is such a bitchfagget, me KD and RAB appreciate all the questions our listeners give us. Without you guys this would just be a couple of dudes talking.......wait]. Once more we'll spend way too much time talking about the Power Rangers. If we don't get too off topic we'll discuss the Capcom vs SNK series. Highlight games are going to be Capcom vs SNK 2, SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millenium, and SNK vs Capcom: Cardfighters Clash. If you're a fan of either the Capcom or SNK side of this series let us know if you're available to guest host. If you've got competitive knowledge of Capcom vs SNK 2 especially you're totally invited to chat with us for a while.(LOL SNK SHIT)

As always you sluts are free should totally contribute some listener questions, requests for a Fightans Education, or a haiku (preferably derogatory and not as retarded as Solgrims'.)


Don't forget to follow us on Twitter[Twatter is lame]   read

2:14 PM on 06.03.2010

Podsumaki Episode 06: The Marvel Versus Series

This week we've got Funktastic on the show to make him uncomfortable and talk about the Marvel Versus fighting games. Good times. We're gonna warn you right now that the latest episode of Podsumaki is pretty link intensive. It clocks in at about an hour and a half and the jokes are flying. If you're not at a computer to listen to this it'll still be fun, but the pictures and videos make it all the more enjoyable. As a sidenote, we got twitter now. You people happy now? You better be.


00:00:35: Introduction: We can't stop talking about Power Rangers.
Listeners' Links: Wry Guy is forced to toss this comic, and this one too.
00:03:45: What's you all been up to?
Listeners' Links: Wry Guy's long lost father.
00:09:40: Wry's Derogatory Haiku

00:10:25: FlatTop's Listener Question
00:10:45: Grizzly Evans' Flood of Listener Questions
00:19:45: Rammstein's Listener Question
Listeners' Links: Mid-question trolling from RAB to Wry

00:22:05: Fightans Education - How can one keep from getting burned out of fighting games if one keeps getting raped by turtles and shoto-scrubs?
Listeners' Links: Mid-educations trolling from RAB to Wry
00:28:30: CleaningGuy's Listener Questions
Listeners' Links: We cannot escape Power Rangers

Wry's Haiku Revenge
Wry's Video Impersonation of RAB and KD
Wry's Video Impersonation of Shin Oni
Wry's Video Impersonation of de Bloo

Main Discussion - The origins of the Marvel Versus series
00:41:30: Capcom's history as a licensed game contractor
00:48:40: Competitively played Marvel games
00:57:00: Marvel vs Capcom
00:59:00: The Marvel Versus series has a story??
01:09:40: Details we know on Marvel 3
Listeners' Links: Guitar Atomik's analysis of MvC3's new characters, and some fake pictures

01:13:50: Side-topic about the possibility of Capcom vs SNK 3 and DIMPS
01:15:40: MatCD's Listener Question

KD Alpha's Obscure Music Contest - JUNE 2010 - Episode 06
Introduction: No winners
Break 1: No winners
Break 2: Point to Senisan [Killer Instinct - Freeze (TJ Combo's Theme)]
Break 3: Point to NovaPrime [Guilty Gear XX - Writhe in Pain]
Outro: Point to Zoel [Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Original Theme]

Senisan and MatCD have won the May contest. Nobody loves you and we feel sorry for you, so we're gonna give you stuff to make us feel better about ourselves. Senisan, take your pick of a prize from the picture in the sidebar. MatCD gets his pick afterward.

Seriously, though. Nobody loves you.   read

4:05 PM on 05.31.2010

Podsumaki Records Tonight - The Versus Series

Tonight at 06:00PM Pacific Time the crew will join together to discuss the Capcom Versus series. We're gonna try and cut down the episode length so it's more fun to listen to and record, so chances are we're doing a multi-part about the Tatsunoku versus games, the X-Men and Marvel versus games, and the SNK versus games.

The Podsumaki Music Contest for May is officially over, though the winner will not be announced for a few days. You have until we release the recording of Episode 06 (this one) to score points. You can still score points by going back and listening to episode 04, 05, and the Street Fighter Storyline Special and leaving comments if you can name the songs played during our breaks. Each blog notes what songs have not been scored on. Again everyone can make two guesses per episode, but only the person who scores first gets the point.

We're gonna be trying to dig through some of our old and unaswered questions to answer tonight, but if you have something you'd like to contribute be our guest.

We're definitely looking for guest hosts tonight. Marvel players and people who know the history of the Versus series are in demand this night and other nights to come.   read

1:50 PM on 05.28.2010

Podsumaki Episode 05 Accent Core XX2 Reloaded Calamity Shift

de BLOO's sole interest in the sequel is this man, Hazama. What a pimp.

I(de BLOO) think it's better when ^it fits all 620 pixels. Wry Guy is too stupid to make it work that way.
Direct Download

Wry Guy does these. I'm not Wry Guy. And really, KD is hazing me to write this blog. KD and Wry know I'm the star of this show and have me on a leash, it's like that one girl from all dogs go to heaven that some evil dog with a cigar has trapped in cage; only to come out to make him money. That is exactly what this is. Which brings me to another thing, Wry and KD are making money off this, but I haven't seen a dime of it.

This must be what the Hebrews felt.   read

2:34 PM on 05.24.2010

Podsumaki Episode 05 records tonight! BlazBlue time!

Important announcement: Our BlazBlue guest hosts tonight might not be able to make it! If you're a fan of the series with knowledge of the BlazBlue mythology, competitive play, or just a general knowledge of Arksys fighters leave a message if you can be available to record tonight at 06:00PM Pacific Time!

Those of you that aren't aware, the Street Fighter Storyline episode suffered technical difficulties and will be considered a special instead of a full episode. Most of our listener questions vanished thanks to recording problems, so sorry to you guys who contributed last time. You're free to recontribute your questions if you'd like. Since it was delayed so terribly we decided to let it out into the wild as soon as possible. Since that was a Sunday there's probably a good chance nobody saw the episode. Some motivation to maybe go back and listen to it, though: We've unveiled the prizes for the May Music Guessing Contest.

The listener with the highest score gets their choice of one of these. The runner-up gets their choice of what's left. Every listener is allowed to take two guesses per episode, with a chance of scoring two points max. Aside from the scoreboard in the sidebar there is also a record of what songs nobody has guessed in the previous episodes. There are still points in Super Podsumaki Episode IV X and The Street Fighter Storyline Episode yet to be scored.

Last, feel free to contribute! Submit a Derogatory Haiku! Submit a listener question! Ask to guest host on the show! Request a Fightans Education where the hosts educate! Since tonight is a BlazBlue episode, questions about that series in particular would be nice!   read

6:07 PM on 05.22.2010

A Podsumaki Special: The Street Fighter Storyline

We bring you this impossibly delayed episode of Podsumaki and promise starting Monday with our BlazBlue episode that we'll get back on track. We have a long list of guests scheduled for the show and we're hoping it'll be a good one. This particular episode, as the name implies is special. In more ways than one. In order to help make up for the level of specialness this episode contains we hope you can take some pleasure in our newly chosen Music Contest Prizes, for the month of May.

Download A Podsumaki Special: The Street Fighter Storyline
Guest Hosts for this week: Cataract

00:00:00: Special introduction by Wry and KD Alpha
00:06:10: Mueti's cut off listener question: Favorite Characters
00:12:00: TheCleaningGuy's Listener question
Listeners' Links: Concept art of Heidern and Leona

Main Discussion - The Street Fighter Storyline
00:16:30: The Chronology of the Series
Listeners' Links: The Street Fighter Wikia
00:17:20: The original Street Fighter and Ryu's backstory
00:24:20: Street Fighter II, Shadowloo, and Udon Comics
00:31:25: Bison and his Psycho Power
00:36:00: The Dark Hadou and Akuma

00:54:00: NO CARL'S JUNIOR!?!?!?

00:57:00: Street Fighter Alpha 2
01:10:00: Street Fighter III
01:20:00: Street Fighter IV and S.I.N.

01:35:15: RAB's super boss character theory
Urien and Seth comparison

01:38:30 Ryu is Ken, CONFIRMED
01:40:20 Char Aznable's Listener Question
01:42:20 Nova Prime's Listener Question
01:43:00 Shinryu's Listner Question

01:46:00 Wry Guy gets ____ED. End of episode.
Listeners' Links: See for yourself

Guess the Music Scoreboard - First to Guess Gets the Point!
Introduction: Point to Senisan82
Break 1: No winners
Break 2: Point to MatCD
Break 3: No winners
Outro: Point to MatCD

May Music Contest Prizes - Top two entrants get their pick of one of these
As last time the rules are simple. We have various bits of fighting game music implanted into this episode of the show. The first commenter to guess a song earns a point. Contestants are only allowed two guesses per episode, and two points maximum. The current scoreboard is tallied in the blog sidebar. Whoever has the most points by the end of next week's BlazBlue episode will have first pick of these prizes. Whoever has the second most points will have their choice of one of these prizes after that.


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