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Pocketoid Episode 26 Records Today! YA DINGUS!

by Pocketoid   //   1:01 PM on 12.02.2012

Yo! We about to record some word talkins up in this biiiitttttcccchhhh!!! Today on the show we got Spirit Hunters! And Fractured Soul! And us being nerds about some cool shit you probably like too! Fuck man, I don't know what we be talkin about today, it just happens yo.I am very street gangster as you can tell so maybe I'll bust out some fat dopeass rhymes on yo ass!

Ok, I'm done. We are totally giving our impressions of Fractured Soul though, and we're gonna review the tits out of Spirit Hunters for the DSi. How could it possibly get better you ask? Jordan is going to be talking all about the Adventure Time game as well! You should ask us questions about those games, or ask us other gaming questions, or just ask us something anything, we really don't care. WE WILL ANSWER IT.

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