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Pocketoid avatar 2:13 PM on 11.10.2012  (server time)
Pocketoid Episode 25 Records Tomorrow: Punch Quest Creators Guest!

We here at Pocketoid love having guests on our show almost as much as we love punching things on a quest! So we came up with the perfect combination, we're having Madgarden and Kepa Auwae, the creators of the highly acclaimed Punch Quest, as guests on our episode tomorrow!

The fun doesn't stop there though, we will also have all new game reviews for some recent DSi and eshop releases. And of course we will cover the major hand held gaming news since our last episode. We need your questions though. We need you to take your hot, wet, stinky questions and shove them in the comments hole below so we don't bore our guests to death. And if you haven't played Punch Quest yet, GET ON DAT SHIT!! It's 100% free and compatible with pretty much any iOS device!

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