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Pocketoid Episode 24: Secret of the Pocket Ooze. (Code of Princess & Denpa Men)

by Pocketoid   //   10:32 AM on 10.30.2012

It finally happened. We managed to record a new episode of Pocketoid! And even better, you can listen to it with your ears! This week we discuss a bunch of damn games that we've been playing, and we also have reviews for both Code of Princess and The Denpa Man: They Came By Wave! I sure hope you like listening to nerds talk about video games on handheld systems, because we did that a lot on this episode. You can listen to this shiny new episode here or you can do what all the cool kids do and download it on iTunes and make sure to subscribe and leave a rating/review.

Thanks for giving us a listen! See you soon!

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