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A New Pocketoid Records Today! Get Hype! Ask a Thing! Gunman Clive! 2012/2013!

by Pocketoid   //   1:14 PM on 01.06.2013

Today Jordan and myself get together to talk VIDEOGAMES!!! AHHHHHHH YEAH! We both have quite a bit to talk about too. I (Addison/Crackity Jones) got a Vita recently so I will have plenty to say about that and the games I've been playing on it. Jordan/Jackal27 will bring you a review for Gunman Clive and talk about his recent gaming experiences. We will also be bringing you our list of favorite handheld games from 2012 as well as our most anticipated games of 2013!

Trust me, you're not going to want to miss this episode. I know it isn't even recorded yet but we both just have so much to talk about ... it's just gonna be packed full of nerd, more so than usual.

As always though, we would love it if you guys could drop us a question or two! Feel free to do it below or tweet it to us! @Pocketoid And on the subject of questions, we have a couple for you the listener. What was your favorite handheld game of 2012? What handheld game are you looking forward to the most in 2013?

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