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PlayBoyMan's blog

2:50 PM on 07.13.2015

Goodbye, Mr. Iwata

A picture is worth a thousand words. I'll just leave this picture here.

Goodbye, Mr. Iwata


8:18 PM on 06.30.2015

The "Sam and Hunni" Demo is here!

As I mentioned earlier in the month, I mentioned that I was making a game and that the demo would be here.

And today, that time has arrived. The Free Demo is available on, and can be downloaded at no cost. It's an early Alpha build, but it was made with love and awesomeness. 

You can find it with the download link:

Here is a brief descroption below:

The Adventures of Sam and Hunni is an RPG that features two friends who deliver baked goods and "Special Herbs and Seasonings" to cities all over the world. In their journeys, they'll come across a wide variety of obstacles - complications with shipping, fighting bandits, solving mysteries, and coming across a mysterious package that contains an item so powerful, that an evil force is willing to kill them both to claim it for his own....

It's a very challenging RPG.

There is only one save point in the entire game, and just about everywhere you go is a challenging puzzle.

This is an early demo release of the game, which is still in development.

Be warned, it is very challenging, but fun.


-You can SEE where the enemies are - no random encounters every few moves. Avoiding battles is based on pure skill.

-Never run out of gold! - Yes, money isn't a problem in this game...yet.

-Lots of challenges - this game is intended to be full of tricks and traps. It's not for the casual gamer.

This is just a sample of the features that I'm working on in the full version of this game. Feel free to download the demo.

For updates and progress on this game, follow me on Twitter: @PlayBoyMan and @PlayBoyManGames

I'm also on YouTube:


Bugfixes: 6/30/2015

  • Typos in the opening disclaimer and dialog have been corrected.
  • Can no longer walk through solid walls in the Dark Forest.
  • NPC's in Xonog are interactive now.
  • Removed the bridge over at the fountain in the center of Xonog

I plan to upload the demo to Desura next week. Please let me know what you think in the comments below, and thank you in advance for the feedback.

Happy Gaming.



11:39 AM on 06.22.2015

Calm, Cool, and Collected

Hello everyone. It;s been awhile since I was here. When we last spoke, I had stated that my reason for leaving was about learning about the Gamergate scandal, and that the editoral staff at DToid were involved.

Well, is been a time, and sadly, #GG has gone the way of the dumbass, and even though I am still a supporter of the cause, I'm not bat-SH*T insane about it. Gamers and the gaming community reserve a fair and balanced, unbiased view, review of video games, and GamerGate at the time started out on this premise, but it has since been invaded by trolls and morons, who have turned the whole thing on it's head.

I'm not about that at all. I'm not a troll, and I'm certainally not a douchebag. I have no intention of going that route, and I wouldn't suggest anyone follow suit. So, after a lot of growing up, and letting the rage subside, I have come back.

In the last few years, I have made Video Game Development my focus, coming up with all kinds of ideas and storylines for new games, and making great progress along the way. Instead of continuing to try to follow a movement that has gone way off the rails, I've gone the creative route, and it's a much better and smoother way to go.

So, there it is. I have returned to Dtiod. Let's shake hands, make friendships and awesome.

See you all around.


11:21 AM on 09.24.2014

Not coming back.....

Reason: Gamergate. My digital heart is broken over such bias. 

Really do NOT want to be a member if this group. 

You can find me on the Twitter @PlayBoyMan, @PlayBoyMan and @PervMachine.

Goodbye DToiders.



1:31 PM on 06.14.2014

Goodbye Dtoid Blog.....For Now.

I have been so busy with all of my other projects that I haven't had the time to manage this blog on DToid.

So I have made the choice to just stop blogging here. I'll still be a member of Dtoid, but I won't blog here. 

I have a number of blogs I work on already, and sadly, some of them have to go.
If you want to see all of my other blogs that I'm actually working on so intensely, just follow me on the twitter, @PlayBoyMan.

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9:18 PM on 08.01.2013

The latest update on "Sam and Hunni" (Video)

It took a little longer than expected, but I got a video of the progress I've done on "The Adventures of Sam and Hunni"

It's 18 Minutes long, so please stop what you are doing and watch it.
And please feel free to comment on, and suggest ideas for the game. PLEASE do not say I sound like Micheal Jackson - it's the best insult I can receive.


Oh, and I'll also be streaming myself working on the game on twitch now and then. Click here to go to my twitch profile.

And as always, thanks again for all the support, comments and advice. It's all welcome. Always.

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12:10 PM on 07.10.2013

A Video Game is a Video Game....

I had read an article about A "Video Game Church" over at the Dtoid Facebook Group.
While I did find the post amusing, it did bother me a bit, which resulted in this comment, and a reply:

A Good point and counterpoint, and I came up with a good reply (and so there is no confusion, this is a general chit-chat you are reading - I'm not pissed off at anybody)

This is the reply below, but I want to add more to it here, because FB has a text limit:

I have nothing against his religious beliefs, or anyone's personal views: to each his/her own. It's just that - a video game is a video game. In the 80's the Video game industry was leveled by pumping crappy games into the market...Now, I feel like the same thing is happening, but with real-life situations being thrown into the mix.

There is nothing wrong with a little realism in games, but I think we take it way too far sometimes. "over-sexualizing women", lack of over-sexualizing men, this shouldn't be like this or that, etc.

A Video Game is a work of art. It's OK to embellish reality to suit the needs of the GAME, provided it doesn't go to far and has a purpose therein.

The same can be said for movies: A naked woman showing up out of nowhere without rhyme or reason is just silly - the same ideal can apply to games too.

This article really resonated with me, because of the game I'm making. There is gonna be a part of the story that will involve boobs, but it will have a purpose to the story. As a matter of fact, the way I have the storyline planned out, it will be more funny than offensive, and it actually plays an active part to the game. I know that some of you will find it cheesy (and I'm sure that those in question might be a mix of men and women), but It will be done with tact and cunning.

And I won't be doing it the way I want because I don't want to offend people, I'm doing it because that is how my story is written. It should surprise you, it should make you laugh, and maybe shed a tear or two.

That's how good Video, that is what makes ANY game a great game to play.

It's one of the main reasons I love Indie games so much - they are creative because they are the game designer's vision: it isn't about appealing to the easily offended - that is what hurts a game more than anything. It's about expressing one's vision for a game.

I'll say it till my dying breath: "A game is a game. You play it, you enjoy it, you have fun. It's an escape from reality, not an extension of reality. Leave your real life issues at the door, pick up that controller, press start and enjoy."

If you want to read that article that I read, you can click here. I welcome your comments. Now if you'll excuse me, I have art to make and a vision to complete.

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12:35 AM on 06.17.2013

About my Game.....(it's an update, btw)

Hello fellow DToiders.

About 2 months ago, I mentioned that I was getting into the Indie Game Dev business...but I forgot to update you all on my progress thus far.

So, here's what been going on...

I have spent the last 2 months trying to learn how to use RPG Maker VX ACE Lite, and I'm making good progress. I've also been writing the storyline and building towns and characters too.

The Game also has a title: "The Adventures of Sam and Hunni" - catchy, isn't it?

This is the City I was working on for the game, when I started out:

And here it is now: 80% Finished:

The Town is named Cellno, and it is the Home and locale of our heroine's shop.

Even though it took 2 months to make the progress I've done, I've still got a long ways to go. I'm really glad of what I've done, and I'm only encouraged to keep on going.

I'm having fun making this game.

I'm working on making the intro and building the cutscenes, which I have learned are WAY too short - I get why there is so much dialog in a RPG now.

The One thing that won't be going into any game is crap that isn't needed.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I have a Tumblr blog for all the updates on this and all my future games:, and there is a twitter as well: @PlayBoyManGames.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, want to offer help, etc., feel free to chime in. I'm making this game for my fellow gamers (That's you guys), and I value any input and/or assistance you guys can offer.

Catch you on the flip side.

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4:27 PM on 05.23.2013

PlayBoyMan's thoughts on the Xbox One...

It's a real POS.

Oh yes, I went there. I watched Mircosoft's reveal of their newest “Gaming Console”, which they foolishly called the “Xbox One”. I'm pretty sure that most of us all over the world were saying the same thing all at once:

And no one would blame you for doing so. There are so many things wrong with this device. Microsoft calls it the next gen console and it's an “all in one” device – NOTHING can be further form the truth.

First off, next gen devices have a Next Gen feel and design. That means the device mustn’t look like something you have seen before in the past.

The Xbox One looks a lot like a combination of VCR's and DVD Players I've owned throughout the years. I mean look at it:

It looks like the love child of a Fat-PS3, A Betamax Player, a Toshiba VCR from the 1990's, and the First Gen DVD players when they hit the market (Those bastards were huge, btw), and the gene pool was too funky for anything good-looking to come out as a result.

Who would seriously take this as a next-gen device? Where the hell would you put it in your house where it WON'T get in the way? It's big and clunky, and I swear it might be able to play my old VHS Cassettes if I push the right buttons. You can fit an Xbox 360 inside of it. Damn.

Let's move on to the 2nd biggest issue I, and many others have with this mash up of fail: The NAME.

“Xbox ONE”?! Really?

I don't know about you, but when I hear that name, I think of the first ORIGINAL Xbox:

You see, when something is the first, is should get the number 1, because it's the first in of its kind in a series. The same thing goes with the iPhone – when the second one came out, it was called the iPhone 2. This continues whenever you make a never version of any product or device. The Xbox 360 may not have been called the Xbox 2, but we all knew it was the 2nd in the series of Xbox consoles.

And now, after all this time, Microsoft calls the 3rd console in the Xbox line the “Xbox One”, instead of something like, oh I don't know, Xbox 3? or how about the Xbox 720? A lot of gamers and tech news services called the latest Xbox the Xbox 720. You don't go back to 1, because it wasn't the first console. You are supposed to go UP in the version number, and keep going up in the number.

Are they gonna do this with the next version of their PC Operating System? The current one is called Windows 8, does that mean the new one is gonna be called “Windows 6”? I'm serious here. It's just dumb.

In addition of making devices that look like they belong in sci-fi movies from the 1980's and giving them dumb names, they love embracing two things gamers all over the world don't like very much nowadays: EA and DRM.

EA is the biggest fail-horse in the gaming world. So many bad moves and choices, and apparently, Microsoft is taking to them like a fish to water. If you were one of the unfortunate number of people who wasted an hour of their time not doing anything good by watching the reveal, you would know that EA wants to make a ton of Sport games for the Xbox One.

FIFA, NBA, NFL, Racing, and maybe a Hockey game, were the “major” highlights of the whole presentation. What about the rest of us who don't even PLAY these games? Where are the Action and Platformer Games? Puzzle Games? RPGs? Adventure Games, perhaps? Anyone? Anyone?

And then, as if this golden nugget of WTF couldn't get any bigger and smellier, they pump the fail box full of DRM.

From what I know (And readers please correct me if I am wrong), Microsoft has confirmed that all Xbox One games will require mandatory installation onto the system's hard drive and, to install the same disc onto another user's drive, a fee must be paid. This KILLS the used games market.


The damn thing is trying to be everything to everyone, and it fails big time. There is nothing wrong with a device or gadget that can do many things, but all of it's features cannot overshadow its primary purpose.

It's supposed to be a gaming console, first and foremost. All I heard about was how you can manage your Netflix account, and/or be on a Skype call while you are either watching TV or playing a game. I don't know about you, but When I'm watching TV or playing a game, the phone is not within reach, and I like it like that.

Its a household device that allows you to do all the things you do on your computer without leaving your living room, and can play games when you are bored with all of that mess.

And NOW the Xbox can play Blu-Ray Movies! WOW! It can play a medium that has been around since 1999! How cool is that?! It's not cool. Not at all.

We don't know about how good the gameplay is (Cinematics, is NOT gameplay btw), how much it costs, and why indie developers are snubbed from making their games available on the damn thing.

On the other hard, when you think about all the shortcomings I've mentioned, that's more like a blessing in disguise.

THIS, my fellow Dtoiders, is what happens when businesses, developers, and designers stop listening to the needs and demands of their customers, and just start focusing WAY too hard on the money and the Intellectual Property rights of publishers, which are only threatened by the stupid ideas like this.

The only people I can see buying this ridiculous console, are mega noobs with really a poor sense of design and context. No offense.

We are gamers. We are Geeks and Nerds. We are not a minority, and we are not stupid....We are a way of life, and Microsoft is insulting all of us with this craziness of a device they have come up with.

It's just a bad product all-around, and I'd rather wait for the PlayStation 4 instead.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off – I love that film.
Btw - the Original Xbox was beautiful.

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7:00 PM on 05.17.2013

[Essay] I AM the Internet's Next Top Streamer...I Think.

For those of you who are new to the scene, I am a caster on

My twitch username is GodOfKonckers. It's supposed to be GodOfKnockers (spelled n-o, not o-n), but that is what I get for typing way too fast, and drinking coffee all at the same time.

I don't stream much, but when I do, I rock it like a boss. I play Retro games and indie games, not because I LOVE them, but because my Capture Device is a true pain in the neck, and that is putting it nicely.

Now, I don't have a webcam, but I DO have YouTube clips of my gameplay.

Here is a highlight of one of my streaming sessions from May 14th, (Runtime 12 Minutes, NSFW):

Was that not cool, and funny as hell? Yes? I think so too.

Now as for that crappy capture card...I have a Hauppauge HD PVR - the one with the air intake vents on the bottom, and no exit vents on the top. It overheats a lot, the Capture software seldom captures the dimensions properly (Its set to capture in 16x9, and it stretches it to 4x3), and even though it hasn't happened lately, the capture software crashes so bad that I have no choice to reinstall Windows 7 AND ALL THE APPS I USE.

Can the Technical Support for the damn thing help me? Nope. They don't even know what causes the crash in the first place, and reinstalling everything is the only thing that works.

Oy. VEY.

And that sucks so much, because I have a PS2 and a TON of games, but the PC I'm on is not strong enough for the PS2 Emulator, and I play Classic Nintendo better on the Psychical Console anyways (Yes, I have the original 8Bit NES).

I could really use a new capture card, because I REALLY want to play PS2 games for the masses. I have over 100 games for that lovely console, and many of them are just kickass. Can you imagine me playing Resident Evil 4?

I'm good at it. I love that game. Hell, I plan on playing it after I finish this essay.

I play a lot of games, and I'd love to expand on that list. Streaming was something I had never considered before, and now that I have been doing it, I can't imagine my day without it. It's fun, and I have met some really cool people both on Twitch and DTiod.

It would be hella cool to win that card - and even if I don't win, that's OK too. It won't stop me from streaming and having fun. 

Before I go, I think I'll post one more clip of my gameplay. CastleVania (NES):

Thanks for reading.
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11:07 PM on 04.28.2013

My Response to "In Defense of Boobies"

I had just finished reading the blog "In Defense of Boobies".

Firstly: I want to say that it was a good read. It made some very good points - I liked it.
If you want, take a read of it here:

But, despite how good the blog is, I did take issue with one part of the article: Realism.

I was gonna Comment on the article, but there is an error with Disqus. I couldn't login and post a comment, so I'm gonna copypasta my comment here instead:

[b] "A Good read, but I take issue on the realism concept. A Video Game is a work of art and fiction. The Second we start trying to or continue to pursue realism into a work of fiction, it stops being artistic, and becomes boring.

I'm going into Indie Game design, and I can tell you right now: there will be zero realism in any game I make. I have always seen Video Games as a work of art and fantasy, because that is what they are. Realism should only be in the graphics, visuals, and the movement on the characters in the game...nothing more.

If anyone wants more realism than that, then go outside and enjoy life. When Life starts to become boring, come back inside and escape into the fantasy world of Video Games." [/b]

Now If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get back to a pimping mission I've got running in GTA:LCS - The Johns aren't treating my ladies right, and I gotta problem with that.

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8:30 PM on 04.18.2013

Goodbye G4..meh to you Esquire

UPDATE: Esquire has moved the Rebranding to the Summer instead of Next week.

So, this is it....

This is the final week of G4TV's Existence. Beginning next week, the rebranding begins. G4 will change to the Esquire Network.

I know very little about the changes, but here is what I got:

Original Programming:

There are only 2 shows that I know of that are "Original" from the new network.

The First one is "Knife Fight"
I know right?! It sounds really good, doesn't it? You are probably thinking of a bunch of guys fighting each other with knives, am I right?

I hate to disappoint you - but "Knife Fight" is a, wait for it.....Cooking Competition. Yes, a Cooking Competition. This guy is a chef (I forget his name) who invites his famous celebrity friends to judge the meals made by 4 chefs, who are all using weird-ass ingredients.

So....It's a lot like "Chopped" on the Food Network, but with an audience and no 10,000 Bucks to win.

The Second show is called "The Getaway"

Celebs travel to remote locations and enjoy the local cultures.

It sounds a lot like E!' "Wild on...", HDNet's (Now known as AXS TV) "Get Out!" and a Show on The Travel Channel called "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches (2009)", Starring Bridget Marquardt, except the hosts aren't in skimpy bikini's doing photo shoots.

*Sighs* how I miss those shows. "Get Out" was Crazy good. Should've recorded those episodes more often.

Anyway, Those are currently the ONLY TWO SHOWS THEY'VE DONE.

Cue up WTF Cat:

And we move shows that will be on the network, after being on other networks.

The Shows that are gonna fill up the void the network currently has are shows that we have already seen before on other networks:

"Party Down", which was on the Starz Network for only 2 seasons before getting the axe, 20 episodes in all and "Parks and Recreation", which is still on NBC in the latter half of its fifth season.
Both shows will supposedly air in 3 hour blocks 8pm-11pm, so I have heard.

Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior is going to be aired like a mofo this coming Monday and Tuesday, along with "Cops", and Movies that don't suck.

To fill up the late night hours, "Quantum Leap" and Knight Rider will run from midnight to 4am, and from 4am to 9am, Paid Programming and crappy Phone sex ads. Yay!

"Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" was supposed to air on the coveted 7pm EDT Time slot, but it won't show up until the Summer. I call the time slot coveted, because that is the time my beloved "Attack of the Show" aired.

The only thing that hasn't changed, is the Airing of the now defunct (And equally just as good as AOTS), XPlay, Which STILL gets aired at the 6:30pm Time Slot, along with the website (Although it is very barren right now).

So just as I, and most of you thought was going to happen, is actually going to happen.

G4 is going from a Channel that had only 2 really good shows on it, to a channel that is going to contain a mash-up of different shows that we have seen on other networks.

Will I be watching? I'd rather try swallowing a pocket knife in one gulp, with the blade sticking out.

I was thinking of downgrading my cable service to save some cash, now I have a valid reason to do so.

Goodbye G4. It was fun.

To help ease the pain of what you all just read, and to help ease the sting we are going to get next week, Here is a pic of Former Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood, dressed as a stormtrooper, washing a car:

That's Better.

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