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PlayBoyMan avatar 8:18 PM on 08.02.2012  (server time)
PlayBoyMan's Humor: The reason people dislike Ivy from Soulcaliber

Yeah...its true. There are some people that just don't like her. How could you not like Ivy? She has the coolest moves of any character in Soulcaliber series. A Sword that can turn into a whip? Sweet. Combos that make for excellent finishing moves? Perfection.

And let's face it: Ivy is truly, one of the most challenging characters you can fight against in ANY game mode of ANY Soulcaliber game. I've been bested by her many times, especially in Soulcaliber 3 (That's my personal fave, btw).

So, why do some people, Men and women alike, DISLIKE Ivy so much? What could it be?
Could it be because of the way she looks? I did manage to find a pic of Ivy Valentine after a quick Google search:

After looking at that picture for 45 minutes, then making it my wallpaper for my Desktop Computers, my PS3 and my Cell Phone, the answer popped into my head...It was staring me right in the face the whole time.

The Reason some people dislike Isabella "Ivy" Valentine from Soulcaliber is because...
...she is hard to beat and difficult to play.

Yep, that's it. Surprised, aren't you?

You see, even though Ivy has the best special moves in the Soulcaliber games, they are hard as hell to dodge, and even harder to perform when you are playing as her.

The Soulcaliber games are quite the button-masher, and that is a good thing for people who love (and are mainly good at) Button-Mashers. Even on the Very Easy setting, you can play just about any character like a semi-noob. Jumping around and mashing the buttons is a win for many who aren't really good at fighting games, and Soulcaliber gets high marks for that - but I digress.

If you have ever thought of, or have played Ivy, you'll quickly find that you will have a really hard time trying to do some of her special moves. Even the pros might agree with me when I say those combos are hard to do, and can put a lot of strain on your thumbs, including mine.

Hell, just looking at the "Howling Spirits" special move in the PS3 version of Soullcaliber IV is making my thumbs hurt: Triangle, Right & Triangle, Left & Triangle, Right & Triangle, Left & Triangle

Ow....My poor thumbs. They feel sore, and I'm not even playing the game right now.
And there you have it: a short but reasonable explanation as to the reason why very very VERY FEW people dislike Ivy from Soulcaliber.

I know what you are thinking: you probably thought I was gonna say the reason Ivy was disliked by so few, was because of the skimpy outfits she wears, and the massive breasts she has...

But if I did that, then the title of this blog would be "The reason people LOVE Ivy from Soulcaliber", it would be flush with at least 15-35 pictures, and have only about 2 very short sentences. It would be something like this:

"So, you don't like Ivy from Soulcaliber? well, I'll have to do something about that.."

--Insert 15 Pictures of Ivy here--

"How do you like her now?"

See? What I mean? Yeah...Its better this way.
Thank you for reading. I hope I made you lol.

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