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I'm that Gaming/Blogging/Moving Watching/ Indie Game Making dude on the Twitter who LOVES BIG BOOBIES !! Not to worry, I'll behave myself on Destructoid...And I will be bringing the funny.

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In August of 2012, I chose to make the move to becoming a streamer on Twitch.

Since then.....I have made little progress.

I have noticed that in my 5 months of "casting", I have had more trouble with xsplit than anything. My machine can handle running it, but it's such a resource hog. On top of that, it keeps derping on me. What the Hell man?

Of all the things I've done on PC's, running a streaming app is by far the most mind-boggling thing I've ever done.

FFSplit crashes on me too. What I want to do is simple - Stream myself playing and talking about retro games. How hard is that? Quite hard, if you ask me.

I want to stream my ass off, and soon I will.

So, let me tell ya what I like to stream - I've always been a fan of Retro Games, mainly because that's what I played when I was a little baby, the classic games.

I'm also a fan of Indie, and Arcade games too.
I would like to stream some games I have on Steam, but I need to get a better graphics card (the one I have won't do at all)

If you want to check out my twitch channel click the link below:


And don't let the name confuse you. godofskonckers or godofknockers - either way you pronounce it, you're right :)

I know this is a short Blog, but not to worry - I'll have a stuff to blog about very soon.
Until then, Happy New Year, and try on to vomit on yourself, other people, the dog or any piece of furniture - like I did. SMDH


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