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PlayBoyMan avatar 6:28 PM on 02.06.2013  (server time)
Hello "I'm Raising" - Who the hell are you?

In my last blog post, which in the blogosphere is still warm, I talk briefly about the chipin web service going bye bye.

Today however, As I was wondering how to place a paypal link on my twitch page, I went thru my twitter page, and saw that I got a tweet from a user named @ImRaising:

Curious, I told them I'd give them a follow, to which received a reply:

Knowing that a there is a website now, I shot over to, and was this very welcome intro to the service:

If you can't read the text in the image, I'll paste it here:

A New Movement

Friends, For three months, we've worked tirelessly on I'm Raising. For three months, we've kept everything a secret. But now, as you're well aware, the secret is out: I'm Raising, the ChipIn alternative, is coming, and it's coming fast. We've announced I'm Raising abruptly, and understandably, it's worried some of you. I'm here to hopefully alleviate some of that concern. Let me start by making something clear: We had no intention of announcing I'm Raising so quickly. We wanted to send I'm Raising off with a pat on its head, but instead, we were forced to send it off with a jet pack. You see, once we heard that ChipIn was closing on March 7, 2013, we had to move, and we had to move fast. So, here we are. This is us moving. You're reading this letter, and we're building our site, bit by bit. We probably won't sleep tonight, we probably won't eat tonight, but come tomorrow, you'll understand everything, and I mean everything. I'm Raising marks a new movement in internet fundraising—one that's personal, one that's powerful. It's time for a new service, and ours is three months in the making. Friends, it's time for I'm Raising. Our demo goes live on February 6, 2013 at 6 pm PST (-8 GMT)! All we ask is that you give us a chance. Thank you, Ethan Smith, Media Coordinator In the mean time, please check out our Release Schedule and Features.

The Live Demo goes live TONIGHT at 9pm PST, which is less than a couple of hours away.
Jump over there and lets see what this service has to offer.


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