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PlayBoyMan avatar 12:10 AM on 10.11.2012  (server time)
G4 Killed "Attack" and "XPlay"

People, a tragedy has befallen the gaming community.

If you have the G4 Network on your Cable, Satellite or IPTV Service, and you surf the web for things other than porn, then you already know the news:

The G4 Network has Cancelled "Attack of the Show" and "XPlay".

The Network is rebranding itself, and apperently, there is no room for these two shows anymore. The Programs will continue to run till December, and then, that's it.

Seriously -

Between the two shows, they've aired 3000+ Shows (1700+ for AOTS and 1300+ for Xplay), and have been around for a decade.

Now look, I get that change happens everyday, and the G4 Network was/is long overdue for a retooling, but to get rid of your two best shows in the process?

That's just dumb.

Another thing that bothers me: G4 has been slowly moving away from the Gamer Appeal for quite some time now, and instead of trying to rebrand the network to the modern gamer, rumor has it it's going for the “modern male” audience.

The Modern Gamer IS a “modern male” audience, but it would seen that they are leaning towards a more GQ-like style, or what I like to call - "Douche-y".

The Average Gamer is in his mid 30's, and rather tech savvy, but some if not most people think that.

G4, when It was good, was truly the Network for gamers, and after all these years, they have slowly moved further and further away from that concept. They sound like most people who don't play Video Games at all:

"Video Games are for kids. Grow up"

Nothing could be further from right and truthful.

Video Games aren't just for Kids anymore - they are for Men and Women who enjoy taking Violence and blood, Language, Boobs and Strong sexual content for granted. For people to still believe that Video Games are for kids and the immature is a grand insult on so many levels, and I take G4's move to rebrand itself to that extent.

But I digress.

Change is unavoidable. Everything Changes no matter what, I get that and I accept it.
But, the trick is, and they wont teach you this in any book, classroom or TV Show, is you can to a certain degree, control the changes you make for yourself, so you don't change too much for the worse.

Like Many shows and Networks before during and after it, G4 did not learn this lesson, because it looks to be sailing into the violent storm of uncertainty, which I call, "Why does this network exist".

Good luck to you G4 Network - I still hope you don't make the same mistake many have made before you, but I've think its too late.

I'll watch Attack of the Show and Xplay to their very end. But after that, I'm gonna move on. I'll always be a gamer. I come from a family of Gamers - It's in my blood. I thought G4 got that about me, but It looks like was wrong.

*Bloggers Note: This is a Very SFW Text-version of a Podcast I did about G4 on 10/28/2012 - If you would like to listen to the VERY NSFW Podcast, you can do so here (Via Soundcloud)*

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