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PlayBoyMan avatar 4:11 PM on 01.31.2013  (server time)
Attack of the Swag!

Today marks 1 week and 1 day the beloved program ,“Attack of the Show” went off the air for good. I have been experiencing What I like to call “Aots Withdrwal” since the show went bye bye.

I will admit, and I really don’t care if I sound sappy or nuts, but I feel so empty right now. I have been trying to fill in the void with healthy alternatives, like watching Porn, Drinking various beverages, imagining women naked, fapping, and even playing Video Games – all to no avail.

I would try drugs – But that is a slippery slope…plus, I have no idea where and how to score weed, and with my luck, I would fail tremendously.

So…I thought I would give talking about something really cool I got in the mail in the latter half of November 2012…..

During the last LIVE episode of “Attack of The Show”, several devoted fans who tweeted in to that show, got a “AOTS” Swag bag. Many got one of these grand packages, including yours truly.

I took pictures of the contents (and no there are no naked women):

The Contents are (clockwise from lower left): 2 Paper Notebooks with hard plastic covers, both bearing the G4 logo and the front– 2 “Attack of the Show” Pens, A G4 Tote Bag, A G4 Cap (ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THESE), a HUGE G4 Sticker, and a LCD Screen cleaner (Center).

OH! And A G4 Pin! :

It’s on the Tote Bag. Not bad yes?

However, and yes I am Boasting about this. My Swag bag has something none of the others have (as far as I know). Rick Damigella (Social Media TV expert and veteran TV production professional and Music aficionado), had tweeted me some DM’s Thanking me for watching the Show for all those years (Watched it for 7 years, and missed only 7 Episodes live). He decided to include something extra in a my bag of goodies.

You know those signs they put on doors for celebrities? I forget what they are called, but they help indicating whose dressing rooms are for guests they are going to interview..

I want to say “Door Signs” – yeah, that sounds right. Anyway, I got quite a number of them, as you can see:

And as you can also see – every one of them is autographed. How epic is that? Don’t be hatin’ now.

And to answer the question buzzing around in some of your heads – I’m not selling them.

Big Shoutout to Rick Damigella for the extras goodies. You can follow him on Twitter @LinerNotes. Tell him PlayBoyMan sent ya.


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