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PlayBoyMan avatar 3:38 PM on 01.20.2013  (server time)
Attack of the Show and X-Play go bye-bye this week ;_;

The two shows that put G4TV on the map (And were mainly the only two shows that anyone watched on the network), are airing their final episodes this week. Attack of the Show, which has been on for 8 years and has given us TONS of lols, OMG, OMFG, and BOOBIES! moments, is going to air it's final 3 episodes this week, starting Monday, with the last episode airing this Wednesday.

Also airing Wednesday will be the final episode of X-Play, a tried and true classic - THE go to for the vast majority of all my game buys, for the last 10 years (in YOUR face, IGN!).

Even after hearing the news a few months ago, I still don't understand why these shows are getting the chop. And what really sucks is the fact that I won't have anything to watch from 6-8pm, Monday-Friday....except for Tabloid TV shows.

Oh ye gamer gods...what have we done to offend thee?

Anyway...I'm gonna watch and record the final episodes of these wonderful shows, and I suggest that you all tune in and enjoy all the awesomeness these two shows have given us over the years.

And because I love to wax poetic about the cool stuff, I'll end this short blog post with this clip From Attack of the Show, uploaded 3 years ago to Youtube. There is a very cool moment at 1:12 of the video.

By the Way, in case you forgotten my name: I'm PlayBoyMan. Just saying.

Lots of <3 to everyone who worked on Attack and X-Play. I'd buy you all a drink, but I don't wanna.

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