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PlayBoyMan avatar 12:38 AM on 02.06.2013  (server time)
"Goodbye Chipin?" - I Just started to know you. WTF?!

Not long ago (40 Minutes as of this posting), I found out that the website is closing it's doors for good. On March 7, 2013, chipin is hanging it up. It's blowing the set. It's laying down. CLOSING.

Here is a statement from the main site:

Thanks For All The ChipIns

February 4, 2013

This is to notify all users of website ("Website") that ChipIn Inc. has been merged with InMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd (collectively referred to as "Company"). We further wish to notify that InMobi has decided to discontinue the Website and all services thereunder on March 7, 2013 ("End Date"). Effective from the End Date, all registrations of any organizer/customer/user will be automatically cancelled/terminated without further liability to Company. Any personal data related to you, which may have been collected through the Website shall be destroyed as per the terms of the Privacy Policy provided under the Website.

InMobi will continue to own and hold on to the ChipIn brand, domain, and technology.

As of the date of this notice it will no longer be possible to create new accounts or ChipIns. Those with existing accounts will still be able to log in, copy and export data, manage ChipIns, update ChipIn pages, and accept contributions until the End Date. was started in 2005 as an easy way for individuals to raise money collectively and was one of the pioneers in this field. In six years helped thousands of users raise millions from contributors for wide-ranging purposes, including heart surgeries, pet adoptions, college graduation, disaster funds and much more.

Thank you for being part of the ChipIn community! It is gratifying to know that it has made a positive difference for many.

Now for some twitch users, chipin was an easy way to drum up cash for projects and donations people were supporting and working on.

I, was for a brief time, a Chipin user. I just came up with some chipins - two of them. The First was for Getting money to buy Steam games (I'm a broke bastard man), and the other was to get a couple of graphics cards for my Dell Optiplex 745 PC.

Games + Graphics cards = More Games to play on Twitch. Nice Idea right?

But now, after reading this statement from Chipin, which I really don't think was up and running Feb. 4th, but may have been (I don't pay Attention to that kind of stuff anyways), I can't help but feel pissed off over this.


It was all setup on my Twitch page, and it looked really good for the few days I was using it.

I know this isn't a big deal, and there is a fix for this (PayPal), It just really sucks that I have to work on my twitch page some more.

And I have no idea what my PayPal Password is.

Oy Vey.


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