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PlanetPanton avatar 8:42 PM on 05.13.2011  (server time)
The question- What did you do this weekend?

I wanted to make this blog a week or two ago, but I was too distracted by other things. (Porn for example)

I know it is the start of the weekend, but I wanted to get this out of the way before I forgot. After every weekend, typically on Monday's; I get asked a simple question. "What did you do this weekend?" The answer should be simple. I should just explain to the person asking what all I did. However, this is a not so easy question for me to answer.

I usually just say something like "I didn't really do anything" or "nothing much". In reality, I do a lot of stuff, awesome stuff. I would love to tell the asker everything, but would they even care? Would they even believe me?

On the weekends I always do odd jobs. Sometimes I'm a plumber, not just any plumber though. I ride around on this dinosaur, one of the cutest things you'd ever see! I go everywhere, solving puzzles, stopping monsters, and saving princesses!
Last weekend I didn't go home. Instead, I decided to go to this festival on the coast. This sounds crazy, but I actually compete in these intense races...which take place during the apocalypse. I swear it's true! I don't just race when things are getting obliterated. Sometimes I take a stroll on a nice relaxing rode in one of my thousands of cars. I do more than racing though.
Next week I hope to be a Cop, my goal is to rank up into a detective after I solve enough murders. This will be hard for you to wrap your head around, but I'm solving cases from the 1940's. Actually, it's more like during the 1940's.
This might sound sick, but I occasionally tear up guys with my chainsaw. Don't worry though, it's for a good cause! And besides, Carmine needs my help!

Now if you haven't figured it out yet. I'm talking about video games. Even though all those bad ass things are from video games, I am still doing all them. I find video games to be the best entertainment out there, and it is what I enjoy doing most in my free time.

Like I said, I would love to tell the person asking about all the awesome things I get to do, and how fun it is; but unfortunately the person asking is not a gamer. He/she wouldn't really give a shit. He/she would act like playing video games all weekend is some joke. Why is that?

You can see a new movie, that is cool. You can get hammered drunk, that is cool. Concerts? Yep, cool too. Video games on the other hand...LOOSER. That is how the average person sees it. And it really bugs me. I didn't do just "nothing" like I tell some people.

Yeah, I game on the weekends. How is that uncool? Are people truly that ignorant? Sure I think concerts, movies, partying (people drugging out, where I live anyway) can be great fun. I do do (sounds weird) what is considered cool to do when I want to. I will go to events if I really feel like they will be fun and worth the time. If I do participate in what's "cool" I will explain what all happened. It's just that I find the most enjoyment in video games.

So I don't do nothing on my weekends.
I'm not embarrassed about being a gamer in any way what so ever. I just can't explain my weekends to people who aren't gamers. If they aren't gamers, they won't really understand.

Are you ever asked the question "What did you do this weekend?" by a non-gamer, and all you did was really game, how do you usually answer it? How do you feel about the question?

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