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PlanetPanton avatar 1:34 PM on 05.22.2011  (server time)
PSP games remastered to PS3? What the hell?

So my shitty laptop decided to shutdown on me right when I was about to save a draft, I lost everything :(
No worries though, I think I remember most of what I had said :P

Sony has announced a new line of PS3 games, that consists of remastered PSP games. The reasons they are making this new line is because there are tons of great PSP games, but PS3 gamers who lack a PSP can't enjoy them. The new line will have updated visuals (HD BITCHES) and 3D. New content, and I assume trophies as well.

I am all for these updated PSP games, but not for them being remastered onto the PS3. My question is, why not re-master them for the NGP?

First off, the PS3 all ready has a ton of exclusives this year and quite a few planned for next year, there are also tons of great third party games. Wont these games just get lost and forgotten in this huge PS3 library orgasm? The NGP all ready has great games announced: Resistance, Killzone, Wipeout, Little Big Planet, Hot Shots Gold, etc. However, the NGP seems like it will need these PSP ports way more than the PS3. Not saying that the NGP lineup is weak, it is actually quite strong all ready, but the PS3 library really doesn't need these PSP ports at all.

Second, PSP games are, at a maximum, 1.8 GB's. NGP games can be 4 GB's at a max. So an NGP cartridge could have two big PSP games, and extras. "God of War: Ghost of Sparta" and "God of War: Chains of Olympus" would make a great collection for the NGP. The graphics are all ready quite impressive, just update them a bit, add trophies, update controls (add 2nd analog stick support), and I suppose add some new content such as skins and challenge rooms.

Blu-ray disks are 25 GB's at a minimum. That is enough space for 13.89 PSP games. But this new line of games is only including one or two PSP games on a blu-ray disk? (There is no information on weather or not these games will be digital or on a blu-ray, I am assuming they will be on a blu-ray though)

Lets use Monster Hunter Potable 3rd as an example here. That game is 1.8 GB's. That leaves 23.20 GB's of space left. Will all that space go towards updating the visuals and adding a few new things? I saw the trailer and while the graphics were good, they weren't that impressive of an update. Like most people, I don't own a 3D tv, and don't play on getting one till the prices become cheaper and the technology improves; so the 3D doesn't really matter to me.

What will these ports be offering me that will make me pick them up? Trophies? I love trophies, but not enough to buy every game that has them, hehe. What will these PS3 ports offer that REALLY matters that NGP ports couldn't offer. Based on what has been announced, they really don't offer anything.

Maybe this line would be awesome if they put ALL the Monster Hunter games for the PSP onto one Blu-Ray, and all the Metal Gear Solid PSP games onto another blu-ray. Hell, this whole rant I'm going on about the sizes of games and blu-ray disks isn't even all that relevant. The games could be digital downloads from the PS store, and this line still wouldn't make sense.

I am afraid that this line will fail, and I don't understand the logic behind it. I would understand it if the ports were for the NGP, and I want them to be, but I don't understand why they are being ported onto the PS3. I believe Sony is making a mistake here. PSP ports should be on the NGP, where they belong and are needed.

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