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PlanetPanton avatar 9:32 PM on 05.03.2011  (server time)
"Greatest Hits" cases turn me away.

I love my games, and I love my game cases! Sadly, I can't buy every game I want new. Luckily games prices change as time goes on; and if enough people buy the game, a "greatest hit" version of the game will become available. (Most game companies have a name for a best-seller, such as "Gamers Choice" for game cube games) Sure the games are half the price as the original when they are a greatest hit, but the cases themself just turn me away!

Lets look at the problems with the "Greatest Hits" cases:
-They COMPLETELY cover up the inside art of the box art, Sony has great inside box art, and the greatest hit cases completely ruin the inside
-They don't match with the clear cases, it's just odd to have a few red cases with all the other clear, it doesn't look very good
-Theres that awkward space on bluray cases, you know, where the boxart ends at the top. It's not that awkward when it's clear. But when the top is red, the box just looks miss-shaped and wrong

Why do the cases have to be red? I do not understand this at all. It is enough to put the "greatest hit" label on the boxart, that is understandable. I don't see why a case must be red though.

Though even putting the "Greatest Hits" label on box art seems kinda stupid to me. This just means Sony has to re-print a NEW version of the box art. I don't see how that can make any sense financially. Maybe it only costs a fraction of a cent more to change the box art print, but is the label really even necessary?
How about the game price is just lowered? Why does the game casing need to be raped? I truly don't understand.

Is anyone else out there like me?

PS: I find myself on ebay trying to find regular versions of the game for a good price, I truly can't stand these red ones.

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