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Pixielated's blog

Such menial tasks with shovels.
10:42 PM on 07.29.2014
I live, as Basch fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca yet lives!
11:55 AM on 07.17.2014
Epic and iconic!
1:19 AM on 06.28.2014
A tale of two knights and a bard.
10:41 PM on 06.19.2014
Final speculation(?): Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
10:44 PM on 06.08.2014
And now for my real E3 hopes!
10:33 PM on 05.31.2014

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Community Discussion: Blog by Pixielated | Pixielated's ProfileDestructoid
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I'm 30-something. I play games and sometimes type things. I summon deities and demons, shoot raiders and wish to settle down with another girl for turn-based battles on the beach, chocobo rides and torchlit dinners in ancient Nordic tombs or mysterious castles that appear at night.

When I'm not slaying dragons or saving the galaxy, I'm probably roaming the open world, rolling into a ball to access secret passages and seeing if my Paragon rating is high enough for discounts at the mall.

For other things and stuff about me you can read here, here and here. You will learn of my origins, my trials and tribulations, how I became a superpixie and what games I really, really like!

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Due to an increase in cash flow from my new job I was recently able to buy a shiny, new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4! It's a pretty spiffy device and a worthy replacement for my Nexus 7. I can run it with a brighter screen for longer periods of time, it lets you multitask with certain apps and like many Android-based tablets it lets you use micro SD cards. As a bonus for registering my tablet on the Samsung site I got a $10 credit for the Google Play store. I spent it on Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

It was only after installing BG:EE I found out that some developers are not bright enough to figure out how to make games save to the SD card slot. Since I bought the 8GB 7" model, 3GB of that was already eaten up by the OS, the default apps and after BG:EE and Super Hexagon were installed I had like 600MB left. So I guess my plan is to play BG soon, back up my saves to the cloud and delete it so I can have those 2.3GBs it ate up back.

I do have an original physical copy of BG on PC I never got far in, but I tried it on my rickety laptop but it overheated and crashed as expected. It hates all games no matter what they are, so much it blew it's WiFi card a few weeks back so all my Steam games are off limits. So BG:EE it is!

Before anyone goes "That's why I don't do digital" - most of my Steam purchases are just hoarding for the day I have a desktop PC worth a damn. That laptop could run the original Fallout, Morrowind and Deus Ex but not without overheating. You might get fifteen minutes of playtime tops. Bastion and Torchlight maybe twenty. Super Hexagon it will run forever. That's just something I buy on anything, though.

But yes, aside from that one snag with BG:EE, I'm liking the Galaxy Tab 4. Doing this is just awesome:

That and I got just about all my MP3s loaded on the SD card. Getting them all off my 3DS's SD card is a great thing, so I guess there's a silver lining here. More space for 3DS games!

Aside from that I grabbed Shovel Knight off the Nintendo eShop and then Devil Survivor Overclocked also for the 3DS since it was on sale for $15. Additionally, I got Wario Land II as my Club Nintendo reward. Not thrilled about  such a cheap reward but I got plenty of free games from Club Nintendo in the last year anyway. 

Wario and DSO are familiar faces, though, Shovel Knight is the new kid on the block and I really dig it. The game is everything I hoped it would be and it's a very rare, special occasion when I get to say such a thing. I saw a game that was inspired by Megaman, Castlevania, Zelda II, Super Mario, Ducktales and Dark Souls and that's exactly what it is, just with a few modern sensibilities blended in.

Shovel Knight manages to take all their qualities and make them its own, which is better than just being a retro game that sends up the classics by constantly pointing at them. There's just never a moment where the game feels it has to point out another game's elements, much like Cave Story never does. Yacht Club Games just blended all the classic elements like seasoned pros without going "Dude, remember Simon Belmont?" like Drinkbox Games did with Guacamelee. That Shovel Knight doesn't go there helps it feel more classy. 

I'm really having a blast with it and it may steal my vote for Game of the Year. I suppose you could say it is a groundbreaking game, but mostly because of the shovel. It also has charm in spades.

I'll see myself out before I do more shovel puns.

Bless me, Destructoid c-blogs, for I have been away. It has been three weeks since my last blog entry. I've been busy job-hunting, house/dogsitting and now I have a new job in the midst of all this that has been running me ragging with 10-hour days in the manufacturing side of a printing company. I do like the smell of fresh ink but the job is hell on the hands so I have to wait about 12 hours to recover before I can type coherently again.

Now I'm in the process of packing to go back to my rather internet-less apartment, provided my roommate hasn't nearly burnt down the complex again. He cooks while he drinks and tends to remember to refill on beer more often than check what he's cooking. Last week, he had a grease fire and dumped it on the entryway carpet rather than just cover the grease fire where it was. He does dumb shit like this all the time when it comes to his drinking, on top of being toxic toward me and neighbors when he's just a little too tipsy, so my landlords are using this and my re-employment as their ultimate excuse to get rid of him.

I'm just glad I took all my video games, most of my clothes and necessities with me. I may have gone from housesitting to living in a car

Oddly, i didn't really play anything while I've been away. Perhaps a little of the Tomodachi Life demo and more recently Kirby's Adventure and back to Strange Journey on my breaks at work, but there was practically two weeks of nothing aside from that. I guess I've just been starved for high-speed bandwidth. Soon I will once again have high-speed internet, more video games, stuff, things and a semi-burnt apartment to myself. 

God bless America. I will be living the dream.

The inside at work actually sounds like Trent Reznor is trying to kill an arcade. The printing goes to the steady beat of boots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pants

until eventually there's a bleep-bloop or what sounds like some kind of Game Over when the printing is done. Sometimes "Daytoooooonnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" sung in the background because my brain thinks there's a Daytona USA machine in there somewhere. I think that's just part of my mind coping with the lack of a beat at that point. I also occasionally think I hear Link collect a rupee.

What I actually do there is called both Punch-Out or Breakout. Again, this just sounds like video games but you're really punching things out of cardboard printouts. Yesterday my jobs was punching out little placards of insincere corporate buzzwords with stock photos of "diversity" for a bank. "Diversity" being those two mildly African or Asian-American women that are white enough for corporate baby boomers to still feel comfortable. I used to bank with that bank, "competent" was one of the buzzwords they chose for themselves... which I laughed at at first because incompetence was the reason I stopped banking with them. There was also this creepy stock photo of a dude smiling while shaking hands in a way that just no one would ever smile once they realized it made them look like Satan. 

Aside from that, I have to work with the weight of all the paper to rip the cutouts more easily. Pulling the cutouts produces what I have come to call the Cat of Over 9000 Papercut Tails because it is that dangerous. I am convinced it could cut through kevlar. Eventually, your knuckles hurt from playing this kind "breakout" all day and you come home to struggle with locking and unlocking your doors. 

So, Destructoid c-blogs, please keep this pixie's digits in your thoughts for they hurt and will be hurting for another ten hours soon. I hope I can get used to it to ensure the disposal of a drunken pyromaniac... and eventually buy more video games, leggings and stuff. 

Tomorrow, once my fingers have again recovered, I will probably blog a thing or get back into Strange Journey. For now, I have ten hours of boots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pantsboots'n'pants

to look forward to. Hopefully the guy with no regards to the rules will put on some music again after dinner break, though his love of the 80s really does reinforce the printing company sounding like an arcade.

1:19 AM on 06.28.2014

My game is epic. My game's protagonist? Iconic. I can say these things about it because I'm in the pre-pre-pre-production phase and already see my amazing game's world taking shape. I'm calling my game Iconic Faye's Epic Toronto Adventure and it is available for pre-order right now!

It will blow your mind, challenge you, make you think, fill you with feels and this is why I'm also planning pre-order bonus DLC and a dozen different collector's editions. The bonuses and CEs will vary by retailer and you may need a chart to find which on you want - but one universal bonus will be the poker machine game you can play to win prizes!

You haven't even heard of Iconic Faye's Epic Toronto Adventure until now, much less seen a screenshot or played it, but know because it has all these things and more it will be epic. Because I said so. You just don't know you want it but if you're unsure the game will have a five minute CG trailer at Sony's E3 2015 conference. It will be made available on PS4, Xbox One and maybe on PC with some minor tweaks to ensure its almost just as good. We'll actually hide the best means of optimizing our game's PC graphics and game stability so finding it is like a game within a game!

We are not planning on a Wii U version, however. We only release games for epic platforms with iconic games and I can't seem to recall Nintendo having a single one of those.

As for the game itself? I have 500 hundred people hard at work on Iconic Faye's Epic Toronto Adventure at Pixie Productions. We have a 100 million dollar budget and less than two years to get it done. My staff, which is mostly women and a few guys here and there, are already going over the concepts and storyboards. The writers will come in within a few months and with any luck all of my decisions regarding the game and the potential time constraints totally won't get in the way of their creativity.

That aside, I plan to create a fantasy open-world adventure set in modern day Toronto, Canada. Our protagonist and heroine, Faye, will be a Canadian-born American with dual citizenship. She's in Toronto to visit her sister and niece but finds the land of her birth is under the control of the evil dragon-rider terrorists.

Being American at heart, Faye is inherently more qualified to solve problems for Canada than native Canadians so she will shoot guns, do parkour, wingsuit, grapplehook and dragon-ride her way through Toronto to gain the aid of Toronto's four great fairies and end terrorism. These fairies will grant her wings so she can fly and also teach her the language of dragons, grant her x-ray vision and the ability to slow down time. With all these skills Faye will surely save Canada and the world.

And this world is gorgeous!

You will be stunned by the realistic, rippling water of Lake Ontario! Each blade of grass in nature will be individually rendered and can grow back in real time after being cut! You will marvel at the persistent day and night cycles which sometimes bring about different enemies, creatures and situations! 

Do you see the city of Hamilton and the mountains beyond from Toronto? You can go those mountains, tame a grizzly bear, weaponize it and ride your machine gun bear back to Toronto if you wish!

We will also be harnessing the power of the cloud to make it rain or snow in your virtual Toronto when its really raining or snowing in the real Toronto! Will wonders never cease!? Just wait until you see some skyscrapers tip over!

Be the Faye you want to be! Shoot guns! Dual wield axes! Breathe fire! Stealth kill terrorism! Just realize you can only be Faye and that her gender and sexuality cannot be changed. And that all relationships in the game are either gay or purely non-sexual - I don't think that's strange at all! Faye can be different races, though, so there's that.

With the budget and time we have there's not a lot of money left for playable males and we really need some of our budget for that pre-order poker machine DLC. Maybe if we sell enough copies we can have a playable guy do some challenge map DLC so men don't feel left out. Or we could save him for a handheld spinoff on PS Vita.

For now, though, you'll only see a few guys here and there. Most of the NPCs and important characters are women who come in all shapes and sizes. We'll probably only have one reskinnable, lean, muscular male model. You'll see them around in their chainmail boxers replacing lightbulbs, fixing cars, drinking beer, watching sports or being an emotionally shattered hostage. You know, man stuff.

We at Pixie Productions realize not all men are like that but most of the men we know do these things. My secretary, Mike, happens to be a man and he agrees with me! Hearing someone agree with me from within our ranks reassures me that my vision and opinions are correct.

As for what makes Faye iconic - I think its her long, raven black hair, her purple and teal jacket and matching black sports bra, yoga pants and sneakers. I'm thinking I'll cast Laura Bailey or Jennifer Hale for the role. They are particularly good at voicing strong, sexy and confident women. We'll just get Mike to voice the few guys you'll see. Savings! 

Faye's outfit is so iconic it will actually be included in the $259.99 Iconic Faye's Iconic Cosplay Collector's Edition! The outfits will come in custom women's sizes with a wig and fairy wings thrown in. At least, this is provided you pre-order Iconic Faye's Epic Toronto Adventure now, sight unseen by August 2014 since there will be limited quantities of this CE shipped in 2016.

In closing, I want you to know we at Pixie Productions are always listening and your feedback is appreciated. You actually have no choice, as our games include always-on DRM so we can monitor your choices and record player statistics to help us design future games! We are always watching you. 

Always. Watching. You. 

But hey, you're also getting 18-player online co-op so it evens out, right? That's a lot of Fayes!

I can tell from the sound of wallets hitting screens that you are excited. I really hope you'll pre-order today and look forward to more exciting news and additions as we are able to announce them. If we get enough pre-orders on the game and the season passes we'll be able to get right on the Iconic Faye Saves Jamaica add-on DLC!

Such epicness!

Video games!

Gather 'round, my friends, and lend this humble fae your ears as I tell you a tale of the land of Elenex. 'Tis  the story of a dread knight, a holy knight and a bard full of merry and mirth. Also dragons. Gotta have dragons to make up for the bard part. It was just over a year ago these three fellows met in the land of Elenex, but I have not forgotten what I have seen nor what transpired there recently. 

There is a prophesy that says each year these three guys shall return to Elenex to do battle and the result of the battle will decide the fate of the entire world - for at least the next year. Maybe. Some say that the blackest of Fridays also plays a pivotal role but there are no swords or dragons there - just merchants overwhelmed by a sea of excited customers.

Nay, the annual Battle for Elenex is by far more significant and exciting for last year, evil was afoot and primed to win. Before the Dread Knight's arrival  came an advanced warning - that he would ride upon the fell dragon, Ecks'bozwun, and oppress the people of Elenex for all time. And, verily, upon his arrival a darkness fell upon the land and demons simply known as Deeyar'm erupted from the hell we know as Hal'wazon to join Dread Knight. 

Some said, "There's naught we can do, 'tis the future and the way of things are to be. The Hal'wazon Deeyar'm are here to stay.'" However, some held on to hope that the Holy Knight or the Bard would come and drive the Dread Knight, Ecks'bozwun and the Deeyar'm of Hal'wazon away. 

And sure enough, the Holy Knight arrived his valiant steed, Pierresfore, with his humble squire Vinnie Vida dragged behind him on a tether. Squire Vida's dead weight mattered not to the Holy Knight and mighty Peirresfore, however, and they rode in ready for battle as the people of Elenex cheered them on. 

The knight's first feat was to slay all the Deeyar'm in a single go and then with a rightous chant he used his magic to seal the gate to Hal'wazon so they could theoretically never return. You know how magic seals are. Kinda flakey. It still holds for now.

Then the knights engaged each other in battle! Swords clashed and the ground trembled as they debated the merits of their service. When when the Holy Knight tried ot strike a blow from a special move he called "Subscription for Multiplayer" the Dread Knight batted his sword away for he knew that move, too, and had honed his skill with it for years and years. 

Then came the next blow.

"Pluuuuuuuussssss!" cried the Holy Knight as he slashed at Ecks'bozun, having instantly collected himself to cut the dragon deeply. The dragon roared and threw the Dread Knight off its back, then flew back from whence it came to heal. 

The Dread Knight recovered and took to his feet with his blade still in hand. The Holy Knight dismouted his steed, handed the reins to Squire Vida and said, "Take Pierresfore somewhere remote and play," then turned his attention back toward the Dread Knight.

It was then that the Bard arrived, but he was hardly noticed and simply provided a nostalgic tune on his highly-portable accordion while the battle unfolded. It lifted people's spirits a little but not much else. He was just kind of there and wore a catsuit with a tablet-shaped lute on his back

Over that music, however, as the knights clashed you could hear an ominous, wicked chant begin to build from the Dread Knight. I think it went something like this:

"Mooobbbbiesteeeeeeebiesspoorzzz, mooooooobiesteeeeeebiesspooorzzz"

Over and over and over. It sent shivers down by spine at first but also made my eyes glaze over and made me sleepy. I still get a little tired just thinking about it. That's how evil the chant was. Brrr.

But then the Holy Knight held his blade to the sky with a chant of his own. 


For whatever reason, this chant inspired the spirit of all people and filled his blade a glorious light. With one mighty blow he decapitated the Dread Knight and that head, somehow still living, sprouted wings and flew off in the direction of the land of... what was it?

Oh right. Zynga. Never been, but I hear bad things about the place.

Upon the Dread Knight's defeat the people erupted with cheer and applause. The Dread Knight's body disintegrated, the skies cleared and light was returned to the land of Elenex. The Holy Knight returned to his steed and his squire but before he rode off into the sunset, a child managed to approach him with a question.

"Sir Knight, when are you bringing The Guardian? Will he arrive before next year?"

The knight patted the child on the head and chuckled lightly, replying "Soon, son, The Guardian is totally real. Just believe."

And that was the tale of last year's battle for Elenex - but what of this year?

Well, its kind of a switch, really. There wasn't really a fight. The Dread Knight was replaced by the Kind-of-Decent Knight, who had done away with last years evils and the dragon Ecks'bozun was now actually friendly, it played with the children and putt on a magic show. This knight told us he had been listening to our hopes, dreams and and learned how to retrain the dragon for our benefit.

When the Holy Knight arrived, I caught him talking to someone that wasn't there. It was kind of creepy. "Yes, Guardian, you are totally real and awesome, but I can't show you today" is what is what I think he said. Then when he saw the Kind-of-Decent Knight and his dragon doing well he was kinda caught off-guard by that.

But when the people saw him their eyes lit up... at least until they saw how battered and bloodied Squire Vida was from being tethered to Pierresfore for so long. Anticipating this might get him some criticism he pulled a very small, newborn pony from a sack on Pierresfore's side and introduced it as Pierresteevee.

People from further west thought Pierresteevee was adorable and wanted one of their own but everyone else wasn't so impressed, particularly when they saw the Holy Knight tether her behind Pierresfore just like Squire Vida. Vinnie Vida just remained curled in a fetal position and wept "Nooooooo" quietly as he knew the she would share his disappointing fate. 

The Holy Knight did have some other exciting news for his plans to help the land of Elenex for the coming year, except about halfway through it was actually pretty boring. I liked his idea for No Man's Sky, but then he uttered those terrifying words

That moobie-teebie stuff.  Moobies and teebies. Teebies and moobies. On and on.

It put people to sleep, but he went right on with it for almost twenty minutes. Had I not been sitting on some nice lady's shoulder i light of dropped of the air and hurt myself. Instead I fell into her cleavage. Had she not woken up by the sound of the arrival of the Bard I might of been trapped in there. 

The Bard had amassed an impressive troupe for himself. Mimes, jesters, other musicians, dancers, acrobats, musclemen, gorillas and more. I didn't know what kind of budget he was working with to pull this off, but apparently he had the time and money to hire and bring along a wide variety of animated women. Princeses, bounty hunters, heroic witches and squid girls were among them. One also had a giant steel golem that flew, but she was sometimes a guy, too. Basically that one was whatever people asked them to be. Wasn't much for talking, either.

Some of the performers spread out all through the land so more people could see them perform exhibition fights. Flags and buttons were distributed to the crowds. Some said it was smashing, others like a brawl or a melee. I met the bounty hunter and her rather pale friend who know the foreign art of yoga. The bounty hunter said she had two possible missions planned and would have to leave soon and her friend criticized my sense of balance.

That evening the Bard and his fellow musicians put on a concert. This time the Bard was seriously jamming on that lute he didn't use last year. The set list consisted of singing about wooly worlds, pocket monsters, Zelda's legend, something about Xenoblades and Bayonettas and they actually had more to play for two more days. I stuck around, so did the Decent Knight and his dragon.

I saw the Wholly Neglectful Knight leave soon with this tethered pony and squire in tow. No one seemed to care and i returned my attention to songs about fantasy lives and steam.

The Bard had won our hearts and the Decent Knight showed us even fell dragons can change. The Wholly Boring Knight simply didn't have anyone to kick around this year and had neglected his most trusted ally. Yesterday he was our hero, but with so much neglect and delusions of guardians people saw him for what he was - a jerk.

This year the battle for Elenex was won with a festival where the focus was not on being not as bad as the other guy, but celebrating who you are and what you do. It was won with the wonderment the people sign up for, not boring speeches and swiftly neglected ponies. Or that moobie-teebie stuff.

The End.

I talked about this in my last blog a little bit, but with E3 about to start I thought this might be my last chance to scratch my itch and speculate what Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will be like. While its not like Atlus to make big reveals at E3 - and largely why I snicker when people hope for a big Persona 5 reveal (spoiler: it won't happen) - SMTxFE is partly Nintendo's baby and they really need to show Wii U games so I think it will be an exception. While I don't expect it to be Nintendo's biggest priority reveal, it is my most anticipated game. 

I guess I should start with my history with these two franchises, though.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne was the first game in the SMT series and I originally played it back in 2004, but I never got around to beating it until 2008. I was kind of addicted to Final Fantasy XI at the time, but another part of it was I found the tutorial, menus and skill systems of Nocturne to be rather cryptic. 

That and Matador whipped my ass, but later I managed to make my way through Persona 3, Persona 4 and Devil Summoner and the latter two really taught me the series vocabulary very well. This allowed me to return to Nocturne, play it well and win. Then I followed it up with Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner 2 and I've pretty much been buying and playing anything SMT-related ever since. 

Right now, I'm on SMT: Strange Journey and having a blast.

My history with Fire Emblem is slightly longer, but more troubled. I'm one of those people that often tries to play strategy RPGs, but gets burnt out on them fast. I've never finished a single Advance Wars or Final Fantasy Tactics game, in fact, I can count the ones I've beaten and finished on one hand:

- Disgaea
- Onimusha Tactics
- SMT: Devil Survivor
- Fire Emblem: Awakening

Pretty much in that order, too. Onimusha Tactics was a pushover, though, so I'm not terribly proud of it. Jeanne D'arc eventually executed its ideas better but Level 5's games bore me to death for some reason.

Anyway, I started Fire Emblem series with the first western release (aka FE7: Rekka no Ken) on Game Boy Advance. I did complete Lyndis and Eliwood's acts, but quit in the middle of Hector's story. From there I bought, tried to play and shelved every FE game except for Radiant Dawn which I never tried. I left all of them incomplete. I liked them, but just couldn't stick with them. Something about Fire Emblem: Awakening clicked with me, though - probably the access to a world map to roam, the joint attacks and a revamped class system. I still played with permadeath on, though.

Now I'm looking to give much of the series another shot, I even have the fan translated games. I'm relatively familiar with the skills, systems and lore of the series now.

So how do I think these two franchises will mesh?

Which games it will focus on.

First off, I don't expect anything but main series MegaTen and Fire Emblem to be represented here. I know crossovers cause fans to wishlist the characters they're most familiar with, but I just don't see Persona, Devil Summoner, Digital Devil Saga or Devil Survivor being invited to this party. None of them are as compatible thematically as SMT and FE are.

When you play a Fire Emblem game, you're someone in a nation that's being pulled into war by the machinations of royals and power-hungry madmen from other nations. You see the whole affair from the view of the nation being pulled into conflict, whether the hero is royalty, a sellsword or an ambiguous tactician of your own creation. Each character you meet and ally with gives the nation, its allies and sometimes even your enemies a human face, which sometimes complicates things since even some enemy generals you face are honorable and good despite whom they fight for. That your vibrant allies and honorable foes can permanently die on the battlefield makes your choices and losses sting more than most games are typically capable of.

In Shin Megami Tensei, you meet a teenager and he and his friends are granted wearable computers and a demon-summoning program to protect them from a demon outbreak. They are eventually pulled into a post-apocalyptic Tokyo and gradually find themselves choosing sides in a war between Heaven and Hell. The other people you meet begin to give Tokyo a face and you get to see how they survive, cope with these supernatural forces and also gain insight to their relationship with technology. You see how the world influences and shapes the ideology of your friends and you can chose to side with one of them or oppose both, but one will certainly die by your hands. You know, feel good times.

Persona is more about interpersonal relationships and overcoming internal struggles. Its a series very interested in exploring the works of psychologist Carl Jung and concepts like dreams, archetypes, the collective unconscious, the tarot and shadow integration. Character death does happen, but its never based on player choices or errors. Death tends to serve as a plot device here.

FE and SMT aren't devoid of plot device death, but the blood is on your own hands more often and tinged with regrets.

So while I love Persona its hardly as aligned as SMT and FE are thematically. Additionally, I think Atlus and Nintendo want to avoid SMTxFE being the cacophony of fanservice Project X Zone was. If every SMT spin-off character was invited to the main story the characters of both SMT and Fire Emblem would be swiftly deemphasized. Best to keep the MegaTen side of things to just mainline SMT, I think.

That said, Persona's spiritual predecessor Shin Megami Tensei If... is a part of SMTxFE. Longtime Persona fans should recognize Tamaki Uchida from Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin and P2: Eternal Punishment, so there's her at least.

Plot setup

I think we're going to start SMTxFE adventure in an FE-themed, feudal eastern nation which one day will become Japan and where a post-apocalyptic modern Tokyo happens. This would fit the "story of a nation/city" motif both franchises have. Since both SMT and FE are somewhat aware a multiverse exists, its entirely possible to have and FE world that eventually becomes an SMT one - or just do some multiversal/time travel fuckery. Plus there's this mercurial fellow named Steven that seems to jump around the multiverse distributing demon summoning programs and he might also enlist the aid of leading knights, mages, demons and messiahs from various worlds to combat a potential threat.

And you, some amnesiac, slumbering Tactician he finds laying unconscious in a field will be the true hero/messiah of the story. He sticks a weird gauntlet with a demon summoning program in it on your arm and disappears. You have some dream about two or three friends, each of whom you will meet later and possibly ally with to the end. But first some Fire Emblem kids find you on that field and decide you should travel with them until you sort yourself out.

I'm sure SMT's Law/Chaos factions will team up or even clash with FE's evil/benevolent, omnipotent dragons to get the action rolling. People given into Law/Chaos extremes arr often the source of SMT conflict and in Fire Emblem some cult usually wants to resurrect an evil conflict and to do so nations must be manipulated into turmoil. FE's world seems ideal for the Order of Messiah and Cult of Gaea to set up shop.

Anyway, you can see Atlus and Intelligent Systems already have a ton of material they can work with there.


As for the gameplay format, I think that Fire Emblem's grid-based maps and tactical gameplay may take precedence rather than SMT's dungeon crawling leanings. With such a potentially large cast in play, this format is the best way to accommodate that. SMT is no stranger to the Tactics/SRPG genre anyway due to its Majin Tensei and Devil Survivor spin-offs.

Fire Emblem's weapon combat is consistent throughout the series and something SMT could likely conform to well. Persona 3 FES recognized blunt, slash and piercing damage types where much of the series just stuck to Slash/Peirce damage. Fire Emblem's weapon triangle has swords besting axes, axes beating lance and lances beating swords. The weapons could still play by those rules with swords also having slash properties, Axes doing blunt damage and lances doing piercing damage

Bows would also be piercing damage, but have dominion over flying units and enemies naturally weak to piercing rather than dominion over other weapons. That suits Fire Emblem anyway and this limitation on ranged weapons would offset the fact the SMT crowd comes loaded for bear with guns. 

If you ride a mythical flying beast, its sure to make your life hell but if FE's class evolution/reclassing is in play as much as demon fusion and evolutions might be, well, Peg Knights can become Dark Fliers and learn Galeforce (which allows you to move a second time after you kill an enemy, presumably to retreat or attack again). Going through that hell is ultimately worth it.

Magic triangles seem to fade in and out of relevance in FE, so I could see SMT's magic system fully replace it. Most of the elemental spells are the same in nature, but SMT's Hama and Mudo spells are light and dark magic that have a chance to insta-kill enemies and players. Kind of nasty considering Fire Emblem tends toward character permadeath. Various entries of SMT and Persona have let you collect items that served as dummies to absorb such attacks, though, so maybe Hama and Mudo are viable to implement.

If observing weaknesses from SMT and FE holds true here, and I think it will, then some of FE's stats might be better used in an SMT context. In FE, the speed stat determines whether you can perform additional attacks in the same turn. In SMT, you gain additional attack turns by nailing enemy weaknesses, so redefining the speed stat to an Agility stat to boost accuracy and evasion might be for the best.

How demons are implemented is a big question I have regarding this game. In SMT you negotiate, barter and ask questions to recruit demons to join you. SMT practically stuffs your pockets with money and items to make that negotiation possible. Fire Emblem differs in that gold, weapons and items are more limited and precious - not to mention weapons break after so many uses. The higher the damage, the quicker they break.

Will FE characters get cyberpunked up with wearable computers, demon summoning programs and barter away valuables to gain demon allies? Devil Survivor, DDS and Persona gave up the negotiation angle for other methods of obtaining demons like online auctions, collecting cards or just becoming a demon yourself.

Collecting cards to summon allies is something Fire Emblem: Awakening actually did. Otherworldly phantoms of heroes and villains known as Einherjar, in addition to other players' tacticians, poured out of a gate to FE's multiverse and could be challenged and collected for use in battles. Some of this came from streetpass tags, Spotpass DLC and also paid DLC, but it made every version of any character in Fire Emblem history a combatant to summon regardless of what world or alternate history they came from.

So maybe demons and Einherjar could be summoned and created via SMT's demon fusion in this game. This could actually serve to address some of the crossover's dicey issues. For one, Einherjar could come from FE and SMT alike to help appease character wishlists by offering some fanservice while not narratively encroaching on the relevance of main series SMT and Fire Emblem. This can be the backdoor that lets Persona, Devil Summoner and other past FE heroes in. They'd be there as phantoms, but not a real factor in the story.

Those Persons kids are getting four damn games between 2014 and 2015, anyway. They don't need to be relevant characters here.

Also, this would also allow SMTxFE to exclude some of SMT's roster of dick demons and vagina angels. I realize Mara is a bit of a series staple and has run wild on DS and 3DS in the past, but I just don't see that one making the cut even though all of Kazuma Kaneko's creations deserve their HD glory. This is a Nintendo game, after all. Then again, Majora's Mask had a ton of phallic statues in it.

The angels can simply revert from their contemporary bondage gear to robes. They did in Devil Survivor anyway.

Personalities, Marriage and kids.

If there's one thing that worries me a bit about this game, its the rather blatant Hero/Heroine pairings on the SMT side of this. Fire Emblem Awakening was partly popular for its relationship building, marriage and childrearing but outside of Persona, SMT games don't make romance and relationships a huge bullet point. 

I'm kinda hoping the game avoids being a romance sim but the potential is sitting right there. Maybe Lyndis falls in love with Demi-Fiend and they have a DemiKid. Marriage and kids FE-style would add an unusual dose of camp to SMT's darker tendencies. Not that SMT ever entirely goes without camp but its not as lighthearted as FE sometimes gets.

I also find some of the character choices of the female half of SMT curious. While strong female characters are common in both IPs, the Heroines in SMT usually serve as the Neutral alignment path in contrast to the Law and Chaos paths the male friends represent. In SMT II, there are two heroines, but one is replaced by the other so Beth is out and Hiroko is in. Nocturne deviated from franchise formula and gave Chiaki the chance to be a Chaos Heroine but she's represented here while the actual Neutral heroine of Nocturne, Yuko Takao, is not.

I'm guessing Ms. Takao didn't make the cut because she's the protagonist's and Chiaki's homeroom teacher, in addition to being the flimsiest Neutral Heroine in the series. Cultural differences and taboos are likely to blame, but in Nocturne Ms. Takao was arguably the Eve to Demi-Fiend's Adam. She helped return the world to the womb and he created a new one from it, in a metaphorical sense - so Yuko Takao's exclusion still feels weird.

Maybe Chiaki is there to add a snooty, Social-Darwinist to the mix. Time will tell.

Setting that aside, while I am interested to see how these characters hit it off, there's another issue.

All those Heroes aren't known to actually speak. The silent protagonist thing works in their favor in their own games, but FE characters and Heroines are often a bit more vocal. There are semi-canonized conclusions we can draw for the Heroes, though, so there's a huge risk to damage the idea of these characters to fans if the writers go a different way. It will need to be handled carefully due to the agency players had with those characters.

SMT's Hero is believed to be Neutral, Aleph is said to have chosen Chaos, Demi-Fiend is assumed to have eventually destroyed time itself and became Lucifer's top general and Flynn's choice is questionable until SMT V happens but most players assume it was Neutral.

Though maybe these characters were plucked out of time before they made those choices and could be entirely different people. Crossovers tend to dodge series canon, but SMT also sometimes likes to imply everything is canon.

Just as an example. Chiaki's alignment in SMT Nocturne desires a world where the strong and beautiful survive, might makes right and so on. The world of Digital Devil Saga lives by those rules and the Demi-Fiend does invade that world as its megaboss. Maybe he did chose Chiaki's path. Maybe all paths are real.

Still, I'd avoid deviating from fan interpretation too hard. I liked Yu Narukami until he started talking in Persona 4 Arena.

There's a ton more I could speculate on here, I just see loads of potential in SMTxFE and I'm eager to see where Intelligent Systemd and Atlus go with this. Even if I'm wrong about half of this, I'm still excited to see how FE characters cope with a post-apocalyptic Tokyo and how well SMT characters function in FE's feudal setting. Given how well-made Atlus and Intelligent Systems games are I have faith it will turn out well.

Well, with my weird E3 dreams written and posted now I can talk about what I really wish/hope to see - or at least things I'm just really looking forward to.

Zelda is an obvious one. I'm sure there will be lots of Zelda, really. The Wii U Zelda reveal is practically a given and we know Hyrule Warriors is in, but I think we're due a re-release of Majora's Mask. I've seen people who don't understand how remasters work hope for a Wii U version, but 3DS is more prasctical since Ocarina of Time 3D's assets are just begging to be used for another 3DS outing.

So I think they probably will have Majora's Mask 3D as well. It might seem like too much Zelda, but its not like the Wii U one would hit this year anyway.

As for Zelda Wii U, I'm hoping for a series departure, a game that takes place away from Hyrule like Majora's Mask, Link's Awakening and the Oracle games did. We just got several doses of "traditional" Zelda through Skyward Sword, Wind Waker HD, Ocarina of Time 3D and A Link Between Worlds these last few years, so I'd like to explore a new world and different ideas. Or have a Zelda game actually about Zelda, that would work, too.

Fallout 4 is something I hope is announced. It clearly has been in development for some time now. Hints come and go, from voice actors to staff sightings in Boston and more. Something's gotta be happening with this one. I'm hoping it plays and is written more like New Vegas, which felt more in line with other FO games. FO3 was good, just a bit too black and white with morality.

Its probably too soon for another main entry to The Elder Scrolls, so Bethesda has to be doing FO4. Arkane Studios announcing a new Dishonored game would work in the absence of those other two. I loved Dishonored to pieces.

Metroid is another one. Recent interviews with Yoshio Sakamoto suggest he's working on new projects and has no immediate plans to do a Metroid game - which is good, actually - but we don't know what Retro Studios is up to.

I know some people want more Metroid Prime and I wouldn't mind that, but I am curious to see Retro Studios tackle a 2D Metroid after their incredibly masterful takes on Donkey Kong Country. I would just hope they keep some Prime elements in their like lore and scanning.

Suda 51 and Grasshopper have been rather quiet of late. Its strange to think there have been six new IPs from them since No More Heroes 2. I enjoyed most of them, though I never got around to Killer is Dead and just rolled my eyes regarding the visual novel sequel to Liberation Maiden. 

Anyway, it feels like the right time for No More Heroes 3. Hopefully it will return with its rough art style intact and with Shinobu in the leading role this time. She's such a gentle soul, hacking people in half with that sword.

There have been rumors of Shenmue HD remasters and Shenmue III, but after a 12 year wait, social and MMO spinoffs, kart racers and no sequel, I'm inclined to feel those rumors are BS. It feels about as real as Metroid Dread or The Last Guardian right now. Shenmue and Metroid Dread rumors pop up each E3 and if The Last Guardian is a no-show again it really must be vaporware.

I know nothing Persona 5 will be shown, its just not like Atlus to debut much of anything in America before Japan. Persona 4 Arena 2 and Persona Q, however, are fair game. Thing is we probably won't learn much new about them since they just tell Famitsu everything

That said, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is partly Nintendo's baby and was announced globally last year, which sort of breaks with Atlus' usual behavior. This is easily my most anticipated game and one I really want to see in action, just for all the potential it has. The game was a daydream I actually had several years ago, so I kinda freaked out when Nintendo announced it. Nearly threw my laptop into the ceiling when the teaser trailer came out last year.

SMT's cyberpunk post-apocalyptic, modern demon-infested worlds mixed with Fire Emblem's cast of pegasus knights, mercenaries, priests, cavaliers and paladins? Pairing up a game notorious for permadeath with a game known for instant death magic?  Fire Emblem is often the story of a nation pulled into war, SMT is often the story of Tokyo and its relationship with technology as it finds itself the stage for a war between Heaven and Hell.

So yeah, I want to know more NOW! I've been patient for like sixteen months!

There's also the tremendous potential to exploit the "strangers in a strange land" trope here. SMT IV's samurai were pretty amusing in this regard. They start out in a medieval kingdom and days later they're scavenging for smartphones in Shibuya and pawning off skateboards and vibrators for cash (I'm not kidding). It makes me wonder if Fire Emblem's cast will give up horses for motorcycles and if their archers will pick up submachine guns, but still maintain their "well mets!" and "miladys" to look like dorks.

Anyway, that about sums it up. I'm also hoping for GBA Virtual Console games on 3DS and a new Deus Ex game.