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I'm 30-something. I play games and sometimes type things. I summon deities and demons, shoot raiders and wish to settle down with another girl for turn-based battles on the beach, chocobo rides and torchlit dinners in ancient Nordic tombs or mysterious castles that appear at night.

When I'm not slaying dragons or saving the galaxy, I'm probably roaming the open world, rolling into a ball to access secret passages and seeing if my Paragon rating is high enough for discounts at the mall.

For other things and stuff about me you can read here, here and here. You will learn of my origins, my trials and tribulations, how I became a superpixie and what games I really, really like!

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10:51 PM on 10.19.2013

Well, I'm done with Final Fantasy VIII. Because I chose to do Laguna and Squall's stories on the side in Dissidia Duodecim, I kinda fell into playing other characters and that got me sucked into playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time in a really, really long time.  I still remember the key plot twists and all, but I think I may be rather fuzzy about much of the secrets the World of Ruin holds now since I probably forgot most of it.

I just know not to touch any treasure chests until the World of Ruin. And to wait for Shadow at the last second or he dies and can't be recruited again. I don't want to make Relm and Interceptor sad.

I also thought that if i was going to work on Squall as a sort of character study as introverts go, I may as well play through some of FF's most introverted characters. I'll be skipping FFIV for now and you couldn't pay me to finish FFXIII, but I may give FFVII another go after this. I think Terra, Squall and Cloud are the most important ones to cover. 

I'm also playing Soul Hackers on the side to have something new in the mix. Well, its almost as old as what I've been playing but I've just not really made time for it since it came out in the US for the first time in April. Its going to by my Halloween game for the ghoulish setting since I've already played SMT IV twice over.

For a moment I did consider playing Parasite Eve since I never played that, but after seeing the Christmas Eve setting I figured maybe later. If you're wondering why I'm looking at so many old games rather than new ones its because I'm broke and have a substantial digital backlog between PSN, eShop and Steam. The focus is on the PSN stuff because I'm stuck with regularly having to load things on the shitty 4GB card on my Vita. On 3DS there is no question of what games I take with me - the answer is "all of them, you have that cheap 16GB SD card to put them on."

Anyway, yeah, its FFVI on the Vita, Soul Hackers on 3DS and not much else for now. I may go for the Zelda Oracle games next since i've never done those either and picked them up with my $30 eShop credit in July.

As for FFVI, I'm also playing it for Kefka - but that goes without saying.

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