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Pixie The Fairy avatar 4:35 PM on 02.05.2013  (server time)
The Splurge

So with all that talk about Fire Emblem, relationships and such recently, I was kinda getting the itch to play Persona 4 again - though my recent talking about Persona 4 also probably had a bit to do with that, too. Since I had an excess in credit that I had used to pay off distant purchases and also had some spare cash, I went out and did this yesterday before Fire Emblem finally came in today:

Yep, that there is a shiny new PS Vita and Persona 4 Golden with Fire Emblem: Awakening.

So far I'm still mostly playing my 3DS today, but that's no fault of the Vita, more to the effect I'm still managing some files for the Vita. I'm downloading all the PSN titles I've owned and filing them away on my PC (because eff those memory card prices).

I will say the file management system on Vita is pretty slick. What isn't slick is downloading Final Fantasy IX off PSN during peak hours. As I learned in the past with PSP and PS3, downloading games off PSN at peak hours sucks and the slower your connection the more agonizing PSN likes to make it. Took like four hours just for FFIX, but when I downloaded FFVII and FFVIII after the peak hours early this morning both took about an hour each. So yeah, Sony still needs to upgrade their network a bit.

I like that the Vita has background downloading while you play your games. 3DS can background download in sleep mode, but not while you play. Then again, 3DS games usually aren't as big as PSX, PSP, and Vita games so it often doesn't matter.

I really like the in-game screenshot feature for games. That's a thing I've been wanting since Dissidia on PSP and Wii Message boards did it for certain games, too. Stinks it doesn't work for PSP and PSX games, but at least it works for Vita functions so I can do this:

Yeah, only about that far in P4G right now. I've haven't had much time for it yet. Still, its nice that I can not only talk about a game but have an exact picture to show what I'm doing now. Here's hoping the next consoles keep that in mind. I think Wii U does this, too.

Poked around some of the other features as well. The Vita cameras are about as cruddy for pictures and video as the 3DS is and it kinda looses that punch since 3DS can also do 3D video. Neither have anything on my iPhone in this regard - not that I really use it for video but its still worth mentioning

I checked out the Youtube app. The Vita is currently better for HD video viewing than my laptop, which overheats at the mere thought of doing anything in HD. So now I can watch SourceFed, VSauce and other stuff on the Vita. I might try Netflix, though I must admit this is all probably more fun on a Wii U with the HDTV, bigger tablet-esque screen and the Nintendo TVii app. That's going to have two wait two or three months, though.

The Vita browser is ... ehhh... its better than the 3DS browser and I certainly like having more real estate to text in, but the load speeds are still spotty compared to my iPhone4. Feels like there wasn't a lot of RAM available for this feature. I also don't care for the fact the pinch and zoom seems to have an awkward, earlier limit to how far I can zoom out on a page than tablets would. It certainly could also use a Reader function as well.

Another screencap just because

The rear touch panel I mostly just find annoying no matter what its being used for. At first I thought the browser was fucked up, but then I realized backtouch was set to default for web-browsing. If it has an actual use for games, I'm still turning it off. Very distracting.

I've given a couple PSP and PSOne games a spin. I like the new emulation options (minus backtouch, obviously), the option to toggle bilinear filtering and such. Both PSP and PSone games from PSN look as good as can be expected at a new resolution. They certainly are not as washed out as DS games can sometimes look on 3DS, but they do seem a bit darker like the GBA games on 3DS. Not too big of a deal, as they're still playable and toggling brightness and filters seems to help.

P4G is as good as gorgeous as I could have expected, I like all the little extras so far. I'll write more on that another time. I also have Castlevania; SOTN in the rotation right now. I'll focus more on P4G once SMT: Nocturne is done, though.

That aside I started FE; Awakening, I'm almost done with the tutorial phase on Normal Classic mode. Here's me as the Tactician:

With a 3DS, iPhone and a Vita, I'm back to being a full portable gamer. Feels good. The next step is Wii U then I start saving to build up a good PC.

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