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Shortblog: HACK YOU very much.

by Pixielated   //   4:08 AM on 04.15.2013

Tomorrow is the day Soul Hackers finally comes to America.

Sixteen years ago it was released on the Sega Saturn and fourteen years ago it could have been a PSX game but noooooooo, Sony didn't want it because it had no new content. That's all in the past now, though, because just shy of half my lifetime later its coming out.

Providing the world doesn't end today, at least.

And before you Europeans get all bitter and cranky about this, I think Atlus' new publishing dealie with NIS for European releases will be answering when Soul Hackers is coming to Europe so please just let us American SMT fans have our day - we've practically waited just as long as you have on this one.

Devil Summoner is a series that by SMT standards is a bit more campy than the main series and its other spin-offs. The soundtracks are more jazzy, characters more swanky or just plain goofy and this series loves to wear its movie and TV influences on its sleeve. If the Raidou games riff on old 1920s detective noir, then Soul Hackers loves to play up cyberpunk, a "world of tomorrow" vibe and a little bit of the X-Files. Let's just say Spooky looks like Fox Mulder for a reason.

The "world of tomorrow" thing is incidental, though. Back in 1997 we didn't know what shape the internet or technology would take so the portable PCs this game loves to play up almost seem quaint in a time where everyone has a smartphone. Even the kids in Devil Survivor were up-to-date with demon summoning cellphone apps, so its hard for Soul Hackers not to feel just a bit dated in that charming Fallout way..

I'm just glad its finally almost here. I was doing cartwheels when it was announced in December and while it wasn't the last Atlus announcement I freaked out over, it was still a good one.

So here's a nice pic of Nemissa to celebrate :D

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