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Shortblog: (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻)

by Pixielated   //   10:25 PM on 02.21.2013

Its been one of those weeks. Its been cold and rainy and everything sucks. Well, except the parts where I was playing Fire Emblem Awakening, Castlevania: SOTN and Persona 4 Golden.

Everything else sucks, though.

One of my friends made a bonehead move, got a little tipsy and outed me some people that really didn't need the privilege of knowing. Protip to all people who call themselves LBGT allies - don't talk about the status of your LGBT friends without knowing their boundaries. I might be out on the blog and open about who I am here, but that doesn't mean I am everywhere in real life.

Sometimes it comes with a social consequence or worse. Trust me me on this - don't do it no matter what your reasons or concerns are. Ask what your boundaries on the topic.

That aside, I'm so not jazzed about the PS4. The second I knew the conference was going to focus solely on the PS4, I knew Sony had taken a wrong turn. There needed to be at least a half hour devoted to the Vita, what they were doing for it and news of a price drop. We've since heard the excuses for no price drop and no matter what Sony wants to say - Vita needs some incentive to sell in all regions.

I like my Vita and want it to end up as something better than a PS4 accessory.

Sure, E3 is a few months away and there's time to do it there - but I don't expect it to be a priority there either. Nintendo's knocking out 3DS Nintendo Directs left and right in Japan and worldwide and Sony has a small event in Japan that doesn't reveal anything new and an HD remaster of FFX that still isn't done.

Then SE sends over the same guy that showed us a not-complete FFX to not show us a new Final Fantasy game for PS4 and we're like

So yeah, good times.

I liked what I saw of Deep Down, but that's about the only other great moment of the week for me.

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