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Oh, there's my pixiedust!

by Pixielated   //   10:43 PM on 03.10.2013

So yeah, I kinda fell off the blogging thing for a week and a half. The good news is that a lot of the stressful goings on are settled and I've actually regained some focus on games. You know, rather than try to play a dozen of them. A little more focus is a good thing.

So its back down to Fire Emblem Awakening, Castlevania:SOTN and Persona 4 Golden. Sony almost got me distracted again with those Vita celebration freebies last week - Wild Arms, Patchwork Heroes, Patapon and Piyotama. - but I stored those away on my laptop HDD to play later. Yay, free games!

Most of the focus this week turned to Fire Emblem. I enjoy the fact that there's a great deal more to do on the world map and I don't simply have to run from plot point to plot point anymore. And while grinding out gradually spawning map encounters and repeating maps does let me power up my units more than in prior games, the game does still hammer you on poor tactical decisions even on Normal difficulty.

I'd write about all the shippin' and reclassing, but I'll get to that in another blog entry. Its just nice to not have my head spinning and being able to sit down and focus again. When you have a huge digital library at your fingertips between 3DS, Vita and Steam you can get really, really off-track. I'm probably even going to postpone picking up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for my 3DS just because I don't want to fall off track yet again.

Plus I need that money for the reissue of the first Devil Summoner on PS2. Sorry for now, Monster Hunter.

It think I'll have Fire Emblem and Castlevania done in time for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and that'll be a nice little break from the RPG brind before Soul Hackers is out. In fact, I'm probably just going to put Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate down as a Wii U purchase for later, I actually do prefer to go online with that stuff and the text in the 3DS demo is killing me anyway.Photo Photo view gallery
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