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Pixie The Fairy avatar 10:23 PM on 03.19.2014  (server time)
My favorite Metroidvania moments.

This is a Metroidvania kind of week and I'm having a Metroidvania year thus far. With Super Metroid's 20th anniversary today, Koji Igarashi leaving Konami to likely make more Metroidvanias and even giving a speech on them this week, I'm pretty much only thinking about Metroidvania games right now.

I've got a few Metroid and Castlevania blogs still in me for a bit, but right now I thought I'd share my favorite Metroidvania moments. These aren't ranked in any order, just some favorites.

Fuck you, Mother Brain!

Watching the Metroid hatchling get killed - pretty much the only friendly being you met in the original Metroid trilogy - was heartbreaking. Your entire mission failed in that moment.

Good thing the hatchling pumped Samus full of Mother Brain's energy before Mother killed it, granting Samus the Fuck You Beam, which knocks Mother Brain around like a ragdoll and destroys her. 

It is quite possibly the biggest deus ex machina in all of gaming, something SOTN would steal later as part of its prologue, but considering Mother Brain killed your baby just moments prior the taste of instant vengeance, well, the death of any other boss just doesn't compare. Not even killing Ganon, Sephiroth, Kefka or Dracula felt this good. And I don't think anything really has since then.

Sequence breaking.

Beating Super Metroid in less that two and a half hours is an accomplishment, but its just the beginning with Super Metroid. Sequence breaking opens up a whole new way to play. Mastering the use of wall jumps, receiving damage, "mockballing" and more can allow you to beat the game more quickly and make it more challenging as well.

Playing faster for lower completion times and low collection rates turns Super Metroid into more of a survivalist experience.

And this isn't accounting for races against friends, the PC hack that randomizes item placement and also "puzzle" runs where you're challenged by friends to complete the game with a very specific set of power-ups.

Sequence breaking more or less takes Super Metroid and teaches you to play it like a sport and that's its own fun. 

The Rebound Stone

The Diamond/Rebound Stone subweapon only appears in Symphony of the Night. I never want to use the others for some reason. I think its because it doesn't cost many hearts to use and it bounces around with a pretty, rainbowy ray-tracing effect. Such a happy little subweapon.

That and it can hit an enemy multiple times if you aim it right. Its like turning the adventure into a game of Pong or a brickbreaker at points.

Jonathan! Charlotte!

Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte!



Death and Dracula got so sick of players toggling between those two kids they teamed up to try and kill them in the final battle of Portrait of Ruin.

Y can't Guacamelee crawl?

Because Juan doesn't morphball. He's a luchador that becomes a chicken.

Swag denied

While she's an amnesiac who lost her emotions as well, what Shanoa lacks in personality she makes up for in badassery during Order of Ecclesia. Like I said in my prior blog, she kills her enemies with glyph magic called forth from her tattoos. 

She's all about the work of slaying Dracula, too. When she finally confronts him, he tries to put on the swag, to seduce her and she's just not having it. She would not have him even if he sparkled.

Julius Belmont "holds back."


Just watch the video. If this man in his late 50s is pulling his punches, I don't want to see him go all out.

Samus is a woman.

This is a hard moment to recapture in the age of the internet, but in the 80s the reactions to the reveal were priceless. I knew kids that seriously felt betrayed by the fact Samus turned out to be female because of reasons. I was surprised, but quickly cool with and happy about it. Suddenly I could relate to Samus as someone that felt they, too, kinda lived behind a mask.

Knowing the truth was empowering in its own way.

I'm Dracula!

Die, monster!

I'll let you finish the rest here :)

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