I'm 30-something. I play games and sometimes type things. I summon deities and demons, shoot raiders and wish to settle down with another girl for turn-based battles on the beach, chocobo rides and torchlit dinners in ancient Nordic tombs or mysterious castles that appear at night.

When I'm not slaying dragons or saving the galaxy, I'm probably roaming the open world, rolling into a ball to access secret passages and seeing if my Paragon rating is high enough for discounts at the mall.

For other things and stuff about me you can read here, here and here. You will learn of my origins, my trials and tribulations, how I became a superpixie and what games I really, really like!

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Recently North Korea made an anti-American propaganda video complete with bad special effects and a song ripped from an American videogame.

Here it is!

Yep, that's the theme to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. But why just stop at America when you're leaving so many other nations out of laughing at you? If you're going to be picking inspiring video game music and threatening nations - keep going!





But if you want to be lazy - and the fire effects and CG were very late 90s - then also consider that Guile's theme goes with everything! Here's some outdated technology that might even help you.

At the very least it helps your propaganda video suck less!

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