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Pixie The Fairy avatar 10:32 PM on 03.17.2013  (server time)
As The Fire Emblem Turns...

We gather here to remember the fallen.

Vaike will no longer get Vaikier; The Teach will no longer have classes in session. Where he died in the Plegian desert, Libra took up his axe and his place among the Shepards..

Cherche, a loyal vassal, and her wyvern were cut down at Port Ferox. No longer will Cherche be able to keep her master's verbose meandering in check and for that, we all mourn. Virion will never shut the fuck up again.

Sumia was known for her clumsiness and love of pegasi, she was just as prone to fall flat on her face as to taking flight. She has flown and fallen one last time, but as she she did so an entire nation rose up against a conqueror.

They gave their lives for freedom and the war is not yet over. The conqueror has made his retreat and we must soon make our pursuit of him, but i want you all to stop and remember the moments you shared with these fellow Shepards and the bonds that were formed between you. Yes, even you, Tharja. I know you want to reduce another enemy general to ash but it can wait. Patience, my good sorceress.

A moment of silence for the fallen, please.


All right. We make our way to Valm Castle and will bring the enemy to their knees. Also, If someone could also find Kellam that would be great. i don't know where he went off to.


Warning: Some real Fire Emblem: Awakening spoilers ahead.

So yeah, that's about where I'm at on Fire Emblem: Awakening right now. I'm about to set march into Chapter 20. Three deaths, six weddings and seven kids have resulted from my adventures so far.

I married Chrom. I mean, I don't have a thing for guys but he is royalty and doesn't seem to mind when i sneak off with Tharja (Don't tell Libra, it would crush him). We had Morgan and Lucina as kids, who apparently come from the future to save us like everyone else's kids did.

Virion and Miriel got hitched and had Laurent, who's just about as verbose a mage as you could expect coming from those two.

A while after Sully and Lon'qu wed they had Kjelle, a feisty young knight who likes to get into a scrap just like her mother - though she does have a bit of Lon'qu's stoicism, too.

Cordelia and Ricken would later have Severa - though they had to wait few years to marry due to us not wanting Cordelia arrested for being a pedo. Severa is a manipulative brat as far as I can tell.

Tharja and Libra had Noire, the bipolar archer. Really, she's all meek and timid one minute and then "I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP AND DEVOUR YOUR SOUL" the next. I don't think she gets that from her mother. The "the kill you in your sleep" thing she might have inherited, but Tharja never screamed about it and I haven't found a knife in my back yet.

Donnel and Olivia, both from humble beginnings, had the not-so-humble Inigo as a son. Contrary to popular belief he is not seeking revenge on a six-fingered man for the death of his father. He spends most of his time trying hunting down bandits to impress women and dancing at night when no one can see him.

Of late Maribelle and Gaius have grown sweet on each other. Gaius could just be shaking her down for sweets, though.

I'm rather happy with how these relationships panned out, too. Even within the heterosexual realm of things, being able to pair up any guy with any girl could just come off as creepy. Some people just aren't compatible. The writing of the game, however, does help make many of these relationships work through really good characterization. The fact that I can rattle off the details speaks to that. The overarching story isn't anything new to Fire Emblem, but the characters really sell the relationship aspect of it.

Am I bothered by the lack of LGBT inclusion? Eh... not really. I'm just glad the relationships that are there work out so well. It could have been a train wreck. I mean, sure, they could have made it so you have two guys or two girls marry, they could adopt from an orphanage and have a child come back from the future trying to save them, too - I just don't think Nintendo considered that at all and that the lack of consideration wasn't malicious in any way.

If there were a Nintendo series that could go there, though, it would be Fire Emblem. Its not often you get a game from Nintendo where the ESRB tags it with a T and "Mild suggestive themes" but FE does have this way of touching on broader subjects than Nintendo's other franchises do. There is potential there, but for now I'm just glad to see the franchise back, better than ever and every bit as endearing as Persona 4 or Mass Effect. Maybe after Fire Emblem's cross over with Shin Megami Tensei we'll see it get a bit more progressive.

Now on to Valm Castle...

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