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2012: The very model

by Pixielated   //   6:15 AM on 12.24.2012

Warning: Blog contains spoilers for the Mass Effect Trilogy, Halo 4, Dishonored, Kid Icarus Uprising and the TES V Skyrim: Dragonborn expansion.

"Hold the line!" they said. Very adamant. Kind of annoying, but passion admirable. Nasty comments to female writers not so much. Hard to believe game would provoke such responses. Too much emotional investment in game series. Not healthy.

Many game characters died this year. Most unfortunate. Cortana, for example. AI like EDI, but still a good friend. Kind of lost it at the end, like Bioware fans, but made ultimate sacrifice to save Master Chief. Only lived eight years. Knew her all of it. Very sad.

Empress Jessamine's death also unfortunate. Only knew her moments, but could see she meant much to Corvo Attano. Had a daughter, Emily. Will be Empress someday. Good kid. Bright future, I hope.

Pit of Goddess Palutena's Army also died. Many times. More than Commander Shepard. Seemed to be feature of his game, celebrated often with familiar tune.

Dun-dun-dun-dun dah daaaah dah dun.

Most unfortunate Pit experienced a Reaper invasion as well. Then plant invasion, then space alien invasion. Then became a dog, a little girl, Magnus and then back to an angel. Topsy-turvy life and deaths, that Pit. Must be nice to know a goddess.

Miirak also died. Hermanus Mora demanded death, but just in it for knowledge. Miirak was a bastard anyway. Would slay dragons but he'd appear to take credit by absorbing my souls. Bastard dragonborn. Regretted returning to Morrowind at first but once Miirak was dead Mora let me respec. Not bad. Good he died.

But death of Mordin Solus is the most memorable passing of all. Heroic Salarian scientist, Gave life to cure Krogan genophage. Genophage a krogan sterility plague. Solus originally worked on genophage for STG, then grew conscience and opened a clinic on Omega. Later joined Commander Shepard and Cerberus for suicide mission against The Collectors. Survived against all odds Very impressive.

Returned to STG, secretly worked on cure to genophage and took care of female krogan, Eve. Informed Urdnot Wrex of her whereabouts. Not long after, returned to Tuchanka with both krogan and Shepard to deliver cure. Salarian dalatress very crafty, however. Had other STG peons sabotage distribution method. Only Mordin Solus could fix it to distribute cure.

Had to be him - someone else might have gotten it wrong. Made ultimate sacrifice to save krogan. First krogan daughter to be named after Solus, though, so remembered. The very model of a scientist Salarian.

All will be missed but sacrifices not forgotten. Grateful for Miirak respec ,though. Took all perks out of Conjuration and applied them to Blackmithing.Photo Photo Photo view gallery
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