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Not much to tell really. Haven't been gaming as long as some of my peers (started around 11). First game was the re-release of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the GC, which kind of got me hooked on the medium. Currently I'm a 20-something graphic design major in college, and dreading the future. But aren't we all?
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7:47 PM on 07.23.2014

For years I've been reading and perusing the Destructiod news articles, updates, shenanigans, and reviews, enjoying the casually professional tone in each page. After reading the core of each story, I would continue scrolling to the comments section, where dozens or hundreds of members posted opinions, replies, insults, retorts, images, links, etc. While the occasional bitching-fest seemed to break out, the Destructoid community seemed to be decent group of folks, who's opinions and ideas I could understand and learn from. So I figured "Make an account. Why not? Its free, and you'll interact with others enough to prove you're not completely socially inept." So I did.

  And then it sat here for almost 2 years (or something around that).

  I'm not sure why I didn't do more with this account for so long. Maybe because I had was starting college at the time, and my attention was focused elsewhere. Maybe after reading so many of the community blogs, I got nervous and let the idea drift to the back of my mind. Or maybe I just got lazy. Probably that last one.

  In looking at many other first blogs on Destructoid, it seems like they were either a simple "I'm new and I like video games." or something about their long experience as a gamer. And many of those posts are good. It just seemed like something else, perhaps a more focused topic, would work for me (if I missed someone who also had a first blog post about their Destructoid induction, I apologize). But a constant trend was that a first blog should be centered (or highly relevant to) the person writing it. I think this anecdote of why I joined the Destructoid community, then fell out of it, then rejoined with it, is a good starting point for my blogging here.

   Hopefully I won't be as douchy in the future as this blog post sounds.

  In any case, while I have been reading blogs for years, this is a first attempt at writing one. So I'm open to pointers if others have them.

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