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12:21 AM on 08.14.2014

Better late than never?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

That is what my internal father figure voice keeps telling me, as I'm writing this second blog post 3 weeks after the last. I had planned on this being a weekly thing of mine. Something for me to do once a week to connect with others, without having to go through the pesky process of talking, meeting up, putting on pants, etc. But then I visited my parents, and nothing got done; nothing work related, school related, even fun related.

So I guess its a good thing I've decided to take the advice of one Dreamweaver, and write one of those “10 things about me.” posts that the kids are so fond of these days. Hopefully it'll give me some more practice with this blog.


#1. My first video game was a learning game.
While it may not be what we usually associate with a first game, mine was actually one of those learning games that my elementary school offered for summers between grades. I'm afraid I don't remember the title of the game, but I play it for hours. Some of my fondest memories of of those early summers are when my dad would play with me. I may not play them any more, and it may be cheesy, but I enjoyed playing them.

#2. My mother found a pomeranian when I was 8, and we named it Vulpix. 14 years later, he has yet to evolve.

#3. Currently, my favorite book serious is Naomi Novik's [u]Temeraire [/u]series. But I often return to Tolkien's works as well.

#4. Anyone else a Calvin and Hobbes fan? I've been told others exist, but I can never seem to find any.

#5. I have made a “serious” video game.
I'm not a fan of the term “serious” for the genre, as it seems to imply that other genres can't be serious, but the actual game was based around the idea of instilling empathy in players. Players would play as a child with a mental disability, trying to complete conversations with family members. Built in GameSalad (first-mistake), it was a poor excuse for a game, with a questionable mechanic and simple artwork. It may not be a good game, but god damnit, it was my game!

#6. Apart from video game artworks, I really enjoy impressionist, “art brut”, site-specific sculpture, and some pop art pieces (Warhol is overrated!).

#7. While Star Wars will always have a place in my heart (even the prequels), my favorite film is Blazing Saddles or Pirate Radio.

#8. When not relaxing or in class, I make some monies editing videos, creating graphic design projects, and sorting university mail. Excitement!

#9. I'm not really interested in sports (as I assume is the case with many of the Dtoid community), I do fence when I can get to a studio. Mostly epee and foil. Getting to stab your friends is always fun.

#10. Obligatory favorite video game: BioShock or most any Zelda.


Also, here is Dreamweaver's blog. Couldn't get the link to to attach to the name. Enjoy:   read

7:47 PM on 07.23.2014

Destructoid and I

For years I've been reading and perusing the Destructiod news articles, updates, shenanigans, and reviews, enjoying the casually professional tone in each page. After reading the core of each story, I would continue scrolling to the comments section, where dozens or hundreds of members posted opinions, replies, insults, retorts, images, links, etc. While the occasional bitching-fest seemed to break out, the Destructoid community seemed to be decent group of folks, who's opinions and ideas I could understand and learn from. So I figured "Make an account. Why not? Its free, and you'll interact with others enough to prove you're not completely socially inept." So I did.

  And then it sat here for almost 2 years (or something around that).

  I'm not sure why I didn't do more with this account for so long. Maybe because I had was starting college at the time, and my attention was focused elsewhere. Maybe after reading so many of the community blogs, I got nervous and let the idea drift to the back of my mind. Or maybe I just got lazy. Probably that last one.

  In looking at many other first blogs on Destructoid, it seems like they were either a simple "I'm new and I like video games." or something about their long experience as a gamer. And many of those posts are good. It just seemed like something else, perhaps a more focused topic, would work for me (if I missed someone who also had a first blog post about their Destructoid induction, I apologize). But a constant trend was that a first blog should be centered (or highly relevant to) the person writing it. I think this anecdote of why I joined the Destructoid community, then fell out of it, then rejoined with it, is a good starting point for my blogging here.

   Hopefully I won't be as douchy in the future as this blog post sounds.

  In any case, while I have been reading blogs for years, this is a first attempt at writing one. So I'm open to pointers if others have them.   read

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