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Pixelated Lilac avatar 2:03 PM on 11.26.2009  (server time)
What I'm Thankful for this Thanksgiving.

This year, life events and videogames have brought so much joy to me this year. While I spare the cliché thanks to family, Jesus and food to well... family and Jesus, I'd like to express my graditiude everything else in a nice D-Toid blog for all to enjoy.

Without further ado... this year I'm thankful for...

Modded Dance Dance Revolution machines:

As I've stated before, there's a DDR machine modded with Stepmania has brought a sense of community to the gamers at JMU. For me personally, it's brought a lot of positive things to my life. For one, I went from confused lonely socially-awkward college freshman to assured, socially-accepted, socially awkward freshman. Apart from gaining friends and a wonderful boyfriend, the machine also showed the innerworkings of an arcade cabinet and helped prevent a freshman fifteen.

The DJ Hero Soundtrack

Without a good soundtrack, a rhythm game is nothing. DJ Hero is no exception and it's 93 tracks delivers. With a combination of hip-hop, pop, techno, rock and more, DJ Hero's soundtrack manages to blend these tracks to create a mash-up euphoria that all types of people enjoy. From Tiesto to Gwen Stefani to LL Cool J to David Bowie... I was never disappointed with this album. Although the DLC is a bit disappointing (and this is coming from a David Guetta fan), I expect a large, fantastic setlist to scratch to in the future.

Hideo Kojima and Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid 4 came out in the summer of 2008. I didn't get access to Playstation 3 until September 2009. Nevertheless, MGS4 was a fantastic game that was worth all the wait. I really enjoyed the more open-ended gameplay chalk full of secrets and options for me to find in the quest to stop Liquid-Ocelot. The story, while a bit convoluted and at times seemed like a big fan-service, was an excellent farwell to Solid Snake and the series Kojima has made us know and love. The microwave scene made me shed tears. Seeing Johnny with Meryl made me laugh. Seeing Psycho Mantis's reunion with Snake made me shit my pants. Seeing Kojima using the credits to tell the me that Big Boss was still alive made me confused...


Also: Snake... you're still a sexy bitch. And I thank you.

Jon St. John and Renard

They're both going out of their way and attending MAGfest. I'm sure Mr. John is pretty self explantory from the video... having Duke Nukem in your prescene is pretty damn exciting. Renard, while not as widely known in the gaming world, has made an impact on the rhythm game world. Thanks to him and his creation, Mungyodance, artists like The Flashbulb have a new medium on StepMania step charts. Renard is the reason I've been introduced to so many great artists, which is why I'm giving my thanks to him now and in January.

Destructoid! (who didn't see this coming)

I was a bit reclutant to return to the community, seeing as my writing skills aren't as fantastic as many of the bloggers on here, but swallowing my fears and rejoining the crew proved to be worth it. From the numerous posts about Snake doing the wrong thing, to talking to Colette about Silent Hill (something I've been dying to do for awhile now), to seeing the hilarous C-Blog recaps which take short commentary to the next level, I once again enjoy seeing that robot mascot. Hope to see some of you at MAGfest! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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