I LOVE college. I'm a fiend for fried rice and rhythm games. I have dreams about Tekken and lately, Modern Warfare 2 these dreams involve being on the *wrong* side of the "No Russian" mission. Metal Gear Solid 4 made me laugh, cry and pee. I also consider it the greatest game I've ever played. I'll understand if you don't agree with that. Go DUKES!
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Last year I decided to dress as Lara Croft for Halloween. While it was kind of off (I used Guncons as her deagles), I managed to pull it off well. I plan to repeat this tradition, but instead of expressing my love for Tomb Raider I'm going for another series I hold dear to my heart: Silent Hill. Upon reaching this conclusion, I then decided to go for an iconic character of the series, the infamous bobblehead nurses. While I may not be as 'endowed' as they are, I'm positive I can pull this off.

Notice I didn't use the term 'cosplay'. I feel as if this would be an insult to those who frequent this hobby rather than try it only once a year. However, it would be much appreciated if those familiar with this kind of thing or even just fans of the series to maybe give some pointers on how my costume could be more accurate.

In this first step, I bought a nurse's outfit that was on sale. Its about as close as I will get their outfit.

As you can see, this outfit's clean. The nurse's outfit is dirty and covered in God knows what. This is my small dilemma: other than fake blood, I really don't know how to give the dress that dirty off-white tint. I've heard that soaking it in coffee or tea might do the trick, but I"m afraid I'll end up with a poo-poo brown color. Any ideas?

After I'm finished with the dress part I'll be working on the face area and trying to get a 'suffocating'-like mask.

Btw, if anyone has a steel pipe they'd be willing to give away that would be greatly apperciated =D
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