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PixelSith64's blog

6:46 PM on 09.24.2011

Oil on water: This was too many words for a comment

I usually don't read opinion articles, but for some reason I did this time. Jim Sterling posted Oil on water: How I can't love the games you love and I suggest everyone read it if you haven't already. I wrote up my thoughts ...   read

4:27 AM on 04.05.2011

First Minecraft

It must have been June or July, 2009. I was on Steam playing God knows what, when someone that I normally couldn't stand sent me a link to some game called Minecraft. He rambled about it, and told me I should play it. "Okay"...   read

6:38 AM on 03.19.2011

The ONE Problem with Pokemon Black & White

The Global Trading Station was added in Diamond and Pearl to make trading easier. Now you could trade halfway across the globe, without ever needing a friend code! It had some flaws, but for the first time out, it worked pret...   read

3:06 AM on 06.21.2010

Metroid Prime Hunters - Just Kidding, it's First Hunt

Usually I don't go to game stores, because 90% of my gaming is done on a PC, so I purchase off of Steam. Of course, having a Wii and DS also, I do have to venture to GameStop sometimes to get games for those systems. (PS: Cav...   read

10:27 PM on 03.11.2010

Last Window: Midnight Promise Must Come Out

The year was 2009. December, I think. 20th. I walked into a GameStop, $30 on hand, browsing through the games. PC games? Nothing I was interested in or had enough money for. Sensor bar was broken for the Wii, so I quickly loo...   read

1:57 AM on 01.19.2010

Conan be trollin'

Well, as some of you may have heard, Conan O'Brien, the current host of the Tonight Show, might be out of a job soon. Conan has been assaulting NBC more than he usually does lately. If you haven't heard, here it goes. Sponsor...   read

1:31 AM on 01.19.2010

Team Fortress 2: A Spy Goes To Idle

I thought I'd do my first blog with a controversial topic among Team Fortress 2 players. Idling, the act of standing in a server for hours while you're afk and getting hats/weapons while you're gone. I decided to go inside on...   read

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