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10:50 PM on 11.17.2011

Question: What would you name the next-gen Xbox?

If Microsoft gave you a golden opportunity to name their next console, what would it be? (Besides that god awful rumored 720 name.) Got anything better?   read

11:12 PM on 10.28.2011

First reviews of Sonic Generations drop in

I am excited for the premiere of Sonic Generations on November 1st. But will it be the game Sonic fans had been hoping for over 10 years? Well, I found some early reviews on Metacritic by 2 gaming sites.

First ever review was by Spanish Video Game Zone,

"Sonic Generations takes the player on a voyage through 20 years of Sonic history. Pairing 2D-Levels with 3D-Stages Generations offers the best of both worlds and provides fans of the franchise with tons of unlockable art, music and gimmicks. Hands down one of the best Sonic games in the last 10 years."

Sascha Lohmüller, of Video Game Zone

Score: 8.5

The second review came from IGN,

"It's almost jarring to see SEGA finally deliver on their generation-old promises that SEGA "does what Nintendon't. It feels refreshing to be able to say that Sonic is good again. His upward trajectory over the last year continues and he's only gaining momentum. Sonic Generations is largely a game for the most hardcore of Sonic fans, but for the millions who have fond memories of narrowly dodging spikes, grinding on rails, or even that time he was a pinball, Sonic Generations is a game made for you."

Jack DeVries & Brian Altano, of IGN

Score: 8.5

Keep in mind, these are just only two reviews. But so far, the game's reception has been pretty positive from both sites. So we will have to see more reviews come fly in over this weekend and Monday, including one from our fellow Jim Sterling. So stay tune.


3:51 AM on 09.18.2011

Funniest article hits the internet!: 3DS will officially be killed by IPhone 5

As a hardcore gamer, I am disgusted with several people who are part of the gaming industry believing that IOS/Android games on smartphones will underwhelm dedicated gaming handheld systems. Seriously, do you believe playing games on a thing with only a touch screen any way a fascinating gaming experience? If you say yes, then I think something's wrong with your head. I would love how to see you could possibly play something like Super Mario 3D Land or better yet Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the iPhone. I'm sorry but iPhone simply does not offer much quality in the gaming department compared to the DS/3DS/PSP/Vita. Simple as fact. Not even the GamBoy Advance. Nor the original GameBoy. Or the GameWatch. Okay, let me stop.

Tonight, while surfing the web like I usually do, I stumbled upon an interesting article from SlashGear.

"The IPhone will officially kill the 3DS. Derp." - Don Reisinger

Really? Really?!

So who is Don Reisinger?

Read his biography info on SlashGear below the page.

"Don Reisinger is an uneducated internet troll. You can see what kind of bullshit he's up to each day on Twitter by following him @donreisinger."

Don Reisinger, the dick responsible for this piece of crap article, believes the Nintendo 3DS is doomed when the IPhone 5 arrives into the market. How does he know? Does he have a time machine to prove so? Haha. Whatever you say, mac. First off, what's incredibly funny about this article is that while this guy knows that the 3DS has been skyrocketing in sales since the price drop, he still says that it's not "good enough." While that's somewhat true, what about that great line up of games that will hit the system during the holidays, hmm? 2 solid Mario games will surely boost the sales. I imagine them being even bigger then when the 3DS still didn't offer much appealing games a little after the price drop.

Another thing I wanted to go over were these quotes from Don:

"Here’s a news flash for you, Nintendo: consumers do not and will not care about the 3DS."
Uhhhhhh. Thousands of people DO care about the system. Such an awful, retarded lie.

"If we look back in history, Nintendo’s other platforms, like the Game Boy and DS, were flying off store shelves for years. The 3DS, however, has not."

The 3DS hasn't even been out for a year, moron. The DS didn't pick up steam until late 2005 when system sellers like Nintendogs, Castlevania, Sonic, Advance Wars, Metroid arrived to the system. So the 3DS is going through a similar phase as the DS. It starts off with piss poor launch titles, the greater and better line-up soon comes later.

"The 3DS is failing right now because smartphones and tablets offer compelling gaming experiences."

Right now? You consider a 260% increase in sales failing? I would like to have whatever you're smoking.

"Sorry, Nintendo, but if smartphones and tablets already on store shelves are killing the 3DS, the iPhone 5 might just be enough to put the final nail in the device’s coffin."

The IPhone 5 is just a newer, powerful iteration of the same phone. Nothing new. Boring. And besides that, what type of idiot would be buying an IPhone as an actual gaming platform? Most of the games the App Store that are available for $1 don't even offer hours of gameplay. Majority of them are just silly mini games that are 5-10 minute time killers. They do not hold a true value or quality of handheld experiences. They're no where as good or memorable as playing on dedicated handheld consoles. The 3DS/Vita will never fall down to smartphones. That's the stupidest thingI ever heard. As long as they both deliver awesome games that are worth the money, true gaming handhelds will not never die.

Hey Don. I have an idea. Why don't you go become a writer for "The Sun?" I bet those folks will give you a nice, big, warm welcome.

Moron.   read

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