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PixelKnot93's blog

10:50 PM on 11.17.2011

Question: What would you name the next-gen Xbox?

If Microsoft gave you a golden opportunity to name their next console, what would it be? (Besides that god awful rumored 720 name.) Got anything better?   read

11:12 PM on 10.28.2011

First reviews of Sonic Generations drop in

I am excited for the premiere of Sonic Generations on November 1st. But will it be the game Sonic fans had been hoping for over 10 years? Well, I found some early reviews on Metacritic by 2 gaming sites. First ever review...   read

3:51 AM on 09.18.2011

Funniest article hits the internet!: 3DS will officially be killed by IPhone 5

As a hardcore gamer, I am disgusted with several people who are part of the gaming industry believing that IOS/Android games on smartphones will underwhelm dedicated gaming handheld systems. Seriously, do you believe playing ...   read

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