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PixelBros avatar 1:26 PM on 01.05.2011  (server time)
Pixel Bros. Episode 3 is out, go check it.

Pixel Bros. is Destructoid Toronto's podcast created by three of gaming's most devoted fans.

Azze (azzerare)
Dre (drerox)
Takeshi (mugiwara_takeshi)

In this meaty and steamy episode we talk about:

- Pixel Bash
- Final Fantasy XIII
- Final Fantasy Type-0
- Retchbro Game of the Week ( Mother 2 )
- Favorite Games of 2010
- Games we're looking forward to in 2011
- Dark Stalkers
- Sonic 2 HD
- MotionFlow TV's
- iPod Touch / iPhone Gaming

Not in that order.


Download Link:

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