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One day, long ago, my father decided to bring home a NES. I was too little to read, but lo: a gamer was born. I've been playing ever since. I like games with great stories, but having said that I am not an "RPG person" - though I do like some RPGs. I enjoy (action/)adventure games the most, so everything Zelda = good, and games like Ico and Another World fill me with glee, as do text-based games and point-and-click adventures.

I am terrible at FPS games so I don't play them as often, but thoroughly enjoy story-based games from that perspective (Bioshock!) and certain shooters do entertain me (Team Fortress!). I played an insane amount of Goldeneye back in the N64 days.

Oh yeah: the name is Pixel Blue. Because I like pixel art. And the color blue.

Choose your weapon!
Okami, Earthbound 0, No More Heroes
Focusing on: Earthbound 0
Hey let's play: Mario Kart Wii, SSB:Brawl

What's that in your pocket?
Final Fantasy VI (GBA)

Games that I love to death:
no particular order!
Another World
Final Fantasy III/VI (v.SNES)
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Ecco the Dolphin
Super Mario 64
A Link to the Past
Twilight Princess
Bubble Bobble
SSB:Melee, Brawl
Mario Kart
Mario Galaxy
Diablo II
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Pixel Blue
1:02 PM on 06.16.2008
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