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PippinForLife's blog

5:33 PM on 06.19.2012

Dtoid and bloody genitals.

Hello, I recently had a conversation with a Dtoid worker, Mr Andy P. Dixon. I would like you all to read this chat and see what Dtoid workers do to hurt you, they lie, they abuse... Mr Andy Dixon 11:19 PM Let me guess, you ...   read

6:44 AM on 06.17.2012

N64 considers; Pippin ventures.

I've been thinking about what made the Pippin great, I eventually came up with a list too big for 10 sheets of A4 paper, BUT one point came out on top. The creators were NOT afraid to take risks. Let us see what risks the cou...   read

5:54 AM on 05.30.2012

Pippin and me.

Hello, I've been getting the same question from many people: ''Why do you love the Pippin?'', So I thought I should answer it... I love the Pippin because it is revolutionary, it was something new and still it, I remember...   read

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